Welcome to my new blog!


Above you will find one of my Wild Onion Jackets. My dear friend, Carla of Feathered Fibers, loves this jacket the best of all my personal jackets. Since she created my blog header out of a photo of one of my embellished silk vests, I thought I’d give her some eye candy this morning!

I hope I get all the uploading figured out soon. I have lots of fiber creations to share!



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15 responses to “Welcome to my new blog!

  1. Hi Honey! Glad to see you here. VBG

    Great jacket, love the striped cuffs.

  2. Diane F

    Susan, I am drooling in anticipation of the fiber creations you are going to share!!!!!!

  3. Welcome to the blog world!

  4. YIPPEE!! HI SUSAN!!!! I look forward to more morning musings from you!
    Love yer Guts!

  5. Nancy Hughson

    Go Susan Go! Great blog heading.

  6. Sharon

    Love the jacket………and welcome to blogging.

  7. Hey Susan! Welcome to the blog world. Looking forward to seeing lots and lots of posts. Hopefully, no more about tarantulas!!


  8. AllenQuilts

    Woohoo! A new blogging buddy! It’s about time B.O.S.S.!


  9. hotquilts1

    Oooo, love the header! Of course, love all your works of art and look forward to keeping up on your creations.


  10. rondabeyer

    Where would we be without our Carla??? Blogless to start. Love the header and the B&W jacket…… Not only are you gorgeous but you are so talented….

  11. carlafibers

    Hi Susan! So glad to see you join the blogging world! Love your jacket. As you know, I’ve seen it first hand and it looks very nice on you!

  12. Thank you for the kind words and warm welcome! I think I need to figure some more things out before I start blogging in earnest, so keep me bookmarked, but give me a few days to get going!
    Again, thanks go to Carla for her blogalicious header!

  13. Jan Thompson

    Hi, Susan – can’t wait to see all your goodies!

  14. TeresaL

    Hello Susan! I love the black & white jacket and the colorful header pic.

    I hope you’ll begin blogging often, I enjoy seeing your creative ideas and items.

  15. Hi, Susan! Welcome to the world of blogging!

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