Monte’s Quilt

I don’t know if I’ve mentioned that I quilt professionally on a longarm quilting machine. I have enjoyed this for over 4 years, now, and I’ve been so fortunate to have adventurous, artistic clients.

Recently, Monte brought me a special quilt that she had designed for her daughter. She had originally planned to hand-quilt it; lucky for me, she changed her mind and let me quilt for her!

Monte made the quilt using vintage linens– tablecloths, handkerchiefs, yardage.

full view
This is a full view of the quilt from the front.

monty-full-front-blog.jpgThis is a close up of the front’s center panel– I feathered and pebbled around the crocheted fagoting. It lays quite flat; I think the unquilted crochet catches the light funny in this photo.

monty-back-border-_2-ok-blog.jpgThis is the quilting from the back. This shot shows my design for a handkerchief Monte used in each border. They were a lovely sheer linen fabric.

monty-back-side-cornerborder-blog.jpgThis is the corner and final border design. The custom swag border was achieved using Constantine Quilts‘ swag templates.

All in all, I am satisfied with the quilting. The only compromise I had to make was within the larger pieced blocks, due to some thicker than normal seams and flaps with the vintage fabric. Monte has plans to do some handquilting in those blocks, which will add to the appeal of this beauty.

I hope to see the quilt hanging at some shows this coming year!  If you see it, say hi!



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15 responses to “Monte’s Quilt

  1. hotquilts1

    Truly lovely work, Susan!

  2. Sharon

    Absolutely stunning! Your quilting makes it sing!

  3. Hey Susan! Groovalicious quilting!

  4. Beautiful quilting, Susan! You took a lovely piece and made it spectacular.

  5. Diane F

    Awsome Susan, simply awsome!

  6. Janet

    Wow, awesome quilting on this Susan. I love the look of this quilt, but the quilting really makes it.

  7. Thank you for all the kind comments! I loved quilting this quilt– creating the quilt designs for the various areas was so much fun. I also really enjoyed using Tracey’s swag templates. If you haven’t tried them, I urge you to! They are super easy to use, and her accompanying book takes all the guesswork out of your borders.

  8. Susan, your work is beautiful! I bet Monte was thrilled with it.

  9. AllenQuilts

    Monte made a very good decision by letting you do the quilting! Beautiful work!

  10. Jan Thompson

    Susan – as I said on MQR, I love what you did on this one. I have Tracey’s swag template, but haven’t tried it yet.

  11. cat stone

    Susan, this quilt is just beautiful. Makes me want to start an antique linen collection so I can get you to quilt one for me! (Just love your colourful show collection too LOL)

  12. cat stone

    Darn it, I meant SHOE collection…

  13. I saw this quilt last week in person. It is gorgeouos. Great job on the quilting Susan.

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