shoes, glorious shoes!!

Recently, Carla blogged about her sand collection. She asked what other people collect, and I flippantly commented that I collect shoes. Hmmmm. You know that saying about things said in jest…

Well, if I categorize my shoes as a “collection”, that lends a certain air of dignity to my rather addictive urge to buy shoes. “Well”, I’ll sniff haughtily when DH dares to question the 4th pair of red clogs, “I needed that pair for my collection”. DH will not be amused.

In order to defend explain myself, I must back up to the early days of my marriage. DH and I dated for almost 3 years before we tied the knot. You’d think in 3 years, he’d look down at my feet. Perhaps he was so in love that he couldn’t tear his eyes away from mine. Who knows. He’s a guy, I still can’t figure them out, even with 3 of them living in my house.

Anyway, we get married, and eventually, move in together (it’s another long story). As the movers are bringing in all the boxes, DH notices that 3 rather large-ish (would you categorize those nice boxes made for hanging clothes as large-ish?) boxes labelled “shoes” is going up the stairs to the bedroom. According to him, I kept this fetish secret until we were married. He still claims that in this regard, I duped him into thinking I was a “regular person”.

I claim that: #1, I wore shoes, and lots of them, every single day of the preceeding 3 years of our life together. It was not my responsibility to call his attention to my feet. It was only my responsibility to trap him into becoming my love slave. And B, no one, not even a “regular person”, wears the same pair of shoes every single day (if you do, shhhhh– don’t tell DH).

Each pair of my several red clogs, for example, highlights the special qualities of different outfits. Thus, a shoe collection is not only desirable, but necessary.

So, in the spirit of disclosure and fun, and because DH doesn’t read my blog, here’s a partial view of my collection:


This is a partial view, and affords you a glimpse of my summer sandals collection. The closed shoes will rotate in next month when the weather cools down.

And this, clever reader, is what I collect.

What do you collect?



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10 responses to “shoes, glorious shoes!!

  1. Mary

    That’s a lot of shoes! I collect coffee mugs from my travels and each morning (and night) I choose a mug to drink my tea from and remember my trip to that city (or state, or country).

  2. Susan, you are my hero.

  3. Hoot! “Love slave…” Too funny!

    I collect marbles and books…which compete with each other for shelf space and are equally enticing to my 1 year old grandson. My feet are sadly neglected…one pair of sandals and my crocs have done me the entire summer…with my nose in a book I scarcely look down!

  4. Nancy Hughson

    Well, Imelda…..I dont see a thing wrong with a shoe collection… long as you wear my size & believe in sharing. lol

  5. Jan Thompson

    Oh, Susan – you and my daughter would make a perfect pair. Unfortunately, I am not a shoe person. I generally wear a pair of shoes for 10 to 15 years. I have owned two pair of Coach shoes for 15 years. I did recently buy some crocs – thanks to Carla – and I have a very few other pairs = my Birks are about 10 years old. About 15 years ago I had 3 pair of ballet-type flats – they were very big at the time. The problem was, I wore them for 10 years. My daughter shamed me into getting rid of them. And what happens – I go in Nordstrom’s yesterday, and they were everywhere!

    What do I collect – pottery – mostly from outdoor art shows. I can’t even tell you how many pieces I have, but I use them all!

  6. I am completely giving myself over to this idea of shoes as a legitimate collection– so thank you all for supporting me in this!

    I do also love books and pottery! My first un-DH was a potter, and while I don’t miss him, I do miss his pottery.

  7. You really need to visit my office next time you are in town. Part of my office is a gallery. We have a show entitled “Beauty is Your Duty”. It’s a retrospect for a movie star/model in the 50’s. Her closet was 1200 sf and she had 400 pairs of shoes. A small portion of her closet has been transported to the gallery.

  8. Judy, is there an emoticon for drooling???!!!

  9. Gina

    A woman after my own heart! I see no reason to justify such a hobby do you? nope

  10. I can attest to the fact that this collection is valid, as I have seen it firsthand! I have a lot of shoes, but nothing near what Ms. Susan Imelda Marcos Italo has! She also has a very nice collection of bracelets, which I enjoy drooling over!

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