The silk from my header

I love the silk from my header! I created the silk using a technique that I call “embellished silk fusion”, altho I create it on my longarm quilting machine rather than with glue or textile medium.

I first became aware of turning silk fibers into fabric at the Machine Quilter’s Showcase in 2005 when Marilyn Badger kindly demonstrated her version for me. After I returned home, I began researching different fibers and materials. I believe I have now given the silk my own spin! (ha ha– get it? Silk, spin– it’s a very bad pun!)

I now have a huge pantry full of different supplies to create whatever silk vision dances in my head. I don’t limit myself to silk fibers, either– but that’s another story for another day!

OH! Would you like to see the green silk vest I created? The back view photo is what Carla and I used to create my header. And that’s where I was going when I sat down to type out this post!


I love this vest, but it lives with its new owner, so I only get to look at it in pictures! Notice how the silk is fluttering in the wind in the first photo? The silk is so flowy and drapey– wonderful to wear. And yes, it’s washable! I get to create these for customers around the country– they like the one-of-a-kind, organic nature of this wearable art. Me, too!



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4 responses to “The silk from my header

  1. Cool technique – I see a book or magazine article of this!

  2. Anita aka Grannypatches

    Love the jacket! I really should get to making my own. I’ve had the pattern long enough to have made dozens.

  3. carlafibers

    It is fun, isn’t it? I think you should share your winning outfit on your blog. You know the one…

  4. YES YES! Share the outfit!

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