orange silk tunic, redux

I have tried and tried to upload an image of my orange silk tunic so that it opens into a larger photo, and I’m finally admitting defeat. Sorry to all who have emailed me, asking for a better photo!

However, I will share with you a photo of the wonderful “ribbon” I received for winning Best of Show.


Again, I apologize for the teeny weeny photos– I think the problem is the orientation of my camera when I take the photos.

The ribbon above was made for me by the previous year’s winner.  She (I don’t know who she is!!) is a doll maker, and the creative  ribbon is a doll holding various sewing charms.  The hand painted silk ribbon has “best of show” and “wearable arts connection”.  Sheesh.  The photo is so darn small, is there any point to sharing this?

Below is the ribbon I made for this year’s winner.  It features my embellished silk, and was made like a postcard:


I love the little chiffon ruffle at the bottom of the postcard– it’s so flirty!



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2 responses to “orange silk tunic, redux

  1. Susan – you aren’t alone – I have been having a horrible time trying to size pics so they do what I want. If you figure it out, please let the rest of us know.

  2. From the vast knowledge I have of all things computer (quit laughing!!) I think that the problem is the orientation of the camera when you take the photo. When I have more patience, I’ll do a scientific experiment– but I think when the photo is vertically oriented, you have to reduce it enormously to get it to fit on the blog (I do my reduction first in iPhoto, then on a re-Size page on the internet). When the photo is taken in a horizontal orientation, it doesn’t seem to happen. We’ll see, we’ll see!

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