I’m back!

Hi!  I’m home!
We got in late last night– we were up for 27 hours– OY!

We had a super wonderful trip, and I gained 4 pounds.  Hey, guess what?  true to form, and as illogical as it has always been, I drank 2-3 cups of espresso every day and never got wacky from it!  I cannot figure out why European caffeine doesn’t affect me the way American caffeine does. We brought home some Italian coffee to experiment with (just call me Frankensusan).

The food was spectacular.  I drank wine every lunch and dinner (hi Gina)!  The first week, while DH ran/worked out/had meetings, I took the boys to the beach.  We had lunch at a trattoria on the sand, and I drank wine while they frolicked.  It was very civilized!  Since the boys eat Italian food almost every day at home, they didn’t miss American food at all, but they did say that the only thing they did miss was eating pizza with their hands (you have to use a knife and fork in Europe.  We are barbarians here, you know!!)  The ice cream was everything I had touted, so they were quite pleased to learn some Italian words for ice cream flavours.
DS1 (now known as la machina di mangiare– or, the eating machine) was fearless in speaking Italian– he did quite well!  DS2 veered betw/ saying Grazie and Gracias, but charmed the Italians with his smile anyway.

DH’s meet was great and impressive.  His leg held up, by which I mean that the muscle didn’t tear off the bone, as it could have….He ran the third leg of the 4 by 400 relay, and they took 3rd!  In the world!!  So now we have a bronze medal in the house.  A very very nice souvenir, indeed.

I took tons of photos (I’ll post some when I get them off the camera), got inspired for a new series, and figured out my piece for the show I’m in in Jan.  On the plane over there, while I was “sleeping”, I got some much needed inspiration for a couple of upcoming wearable challenges.  I was awake enuf to jot down my ideas, thank goodness!  In all,  it was an artistically satisfying trip.

The second week, we spent a few days visiting friends who live an hour north of Rome.  They live in an ancient town (apparently, “ancient” is the technical term for the time 1,000 AD) and I tried to impress a sense of the history on my heathens.  They were most impressed with the castle (a fortress castle, no wizards) b/c there were holes in the floor thru which to pour boiling oil upon enemies. 

My GF introduced me to an artist friend of hers.  The woman’s apartment is so amazing, and ancient.  The woman’s husband had pulled off some plaster in their bedroom while doing some renov.  and decided to leave the ancient stone wall exposed.  Can you imagine waking up to look at a wall that’s 1,000 years old?  I couldn’t (can’t) get over the fact that I was touching/walking on walls/roads that were touched/travelled by women my age over 1,000 years ago…

To end the trip, we went farther south, to a town called Sperlongo where Julius Cesar and his cronies used to vacation.  Dude!  It was a magical white stucco town, with glimpses of the Mediterranean around every turn.  The kids have now splashed in 4 major bodies of water, so they feel quite worldly.

I’m now working on laundry, email, and jet lag.  I promise some interesting photos in my next post!



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7 responses to “I’m back!

  1. Love reading about your trip. Thanks for sharing. Some day I hope to visit Rome, and little Italian villages, and eat…and hope I’m as lucky as you and gain only 4 pounds. 🙂

    Shirley Buxton

  2. rondabeyer

    I wish I were you but you can be you and do the laundry (lol)…. Glad you made it home safe and sound, can’t wait for the photos!

  3. Janet

    Sounds wonderful. I can’t wait to see your pictures…it may be the only way I ever see these sites….so please post lots lol!

  4. Oh wow! That sounds like a fabulous trip! I cannot wait to see some pictures!

  5. Sharon

    Glad you had fun and are home safe and sound.

  6. What a great trip – gotta love Italy! Looking forward to pictures!

  7. carlafibers

    Your trip sounds wonderful, Susan! Do share some photos! Welcome home!

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