Photos from Italy

I’ve downloaded my photos from Italy– I truly was enchanted by doors!

I can’t say where this door exists– but it will become a quilt in the near future!

Here is the reason for our trip– DH running in the World Track meet! He’s in start position, wearing his USA uniform, which features a spider-man-like motif. There was no rationale given for this pattern, and unfortunately for me, the snippet of song from “The Simpson’s Movie” ran thru my head for the entire trip. It didn’t help me when, desperate for t.v, my boys watched “Spider Uomo” one night. Oh great, now I’m singing “Spider Man” in Italian….

This is an ancient town called Calcata, which is way off the beaten track, but well worth the trip. It is full of independent, quirky artists who sell their wares in beautiful little studios tucked into the warren of streets. We bought a mobile made from sandblasted recycled bottles, and a wallhanging made from recycled plastic bottles– remember making paper chains to string around the house at Christmas-time? That’s what one artist is doing, using strips she cuts from plastic bottles. No photos of them– I know, you wanna see. OK– soon!

A beautiful gate, from Orticoli, I think. Another in the “door” series I photographed. I love the stone and weathered wood.

Me and the boys on a wall overlooking Otricoli.

I believe this is a wonderful town called Narni, just an hour north of Rome. These ancient, wonderful towns really captured my imagination. I loved the idea that a thousand years ago, a woman my age walked the same path I walked. What was she thinking? What was she going to serve her family for dinner? Was she happy or sad?

I’ll leave you with the fortress from San Marino. This principality is a separate country from Italy, kind of like the Vatican is a separate entity. My boys enjoyed walking around the castle, looking at all the old weaponry used to defend the castle. They were particularly impressed with the holes in the floors which were used to pour boiling oil on enemies who made it thru all the other defenses.

And now, I must get back into my studio! I feel so very jet-lagged today, but I have much to do, so I’m trying to de-fuzz my brain and get back to it! Thank you for letting me experience my holiday once more. I will be sharing some door photos in the future, as I use them for my artistic inspirations!

Ciao for now!!



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12 responses to “Photos from Italy

  1. Susan, I love the photos. Thank you so much for sharing your trip with us. I look forward to seeing more. By the way, your boys are adorable!

  2. Love the door series. We took door and window photos in Italy – the age is unbelievable! Can’t wait to see the quilts from your pics.

  3. Glad to hear you had such a great time! I love that first door. It will make a wonderful quilt. What a terrific experience for you and your family, and congrats to your husband!

  4. Lora


    Thanks for sharing the photos! Glad you are home safe and sound.

    Are you going to post any more photos of the doors/gates/windows? I have always been fascinated by portals.

    Take care,

  5. Thank you so much for sharing your pictures! It looks like you had a fabulous time! What an experience for your boys………


  6. Gina

    You’re home! You’re Home! I missed you! Love the photos!! LOVE LOVE LOVE THEM! You took me there!
    Hey those door things are really intriguing! Did you love the wine??? Lunch AND DINNER? WOOHOO< Wheres that dang travel agents number?????

    Glad you’re home,, btw, those boys are SMOOCHABLE!!

  7. Janet

    Wow, what an amazing trip. Those doors are fabulous! I can’t wait to see more. Architecture absolutely fascinates me.
    I can’t even imagine looking at buildings with that kind of history. What lucky boys you have to experience this so young. And what handsome boys they are = )

    (Lora, I love the term “portals”…. I’ll never think of an old door the same, very cool!)

  8. Janet, Lora and I belong to the same art quilt group, and a few years ago we worked on a “Portals” challenge.

    Thank you all for the compliments regarding my boys– I’ll take credit for their good looks and their good behaviour. DH is responsible when they break things, hit each other, or get a bad grade.

  9. Susan, I love the pictures! OMG, I wish I could take a trip like that with my artsy friends. We’d be soooo on overload! More pictures, please. 🙂

  10. AllenQuilts

    Gorgeous pics! I love the one of you & the boys.

  11. Welcome Home! I missed you at the FV meeting, although it was awfully nice of you to send a quilt to take your place. It is so incredibly beautiful. Such talent!!
    Congratulations to your husband . . . how awesome for all of you to get to see him race in Italy.

  12. TeresaL

    Susan, beautiful photos and I loved reading about your trip. Congratulations to your husband and his team!

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