A Winning Wild Onion Jacket!

I want to share some exciting news! One of my cyber pals, Theresa Ward, has won 2nd place in the Wearables division of Innovations, the West Coast machine quilting show! Why do I share this with you on my blog? Because her entry was a Wild Onion Jacket!

With Theresa’s permission, I grabbed some photos to share with you from her webshot site:

theresa-blue-full-re-sized.jpg theresa-back-medallion-re-sized.jpg

The above photos show off the lovely machine quilting she accomplished on this “wholecloth” version of the Wild Onion Jacket Pattern. Notice the stunning medallion she created on the back of her jacket?


I included this detail photo to demonstrate how cleverly Theresa handled the hemline of her jacket. The quilted feathers flow so smoothly, and her use of a quilting “filler” along the outer edge is a clever way to handle the binding edges–no feathers would get chopped off had she needed to take a deeper hem!


Here is a closer view of her neckline treatment– aren’t her feathers wonderful?!! Notice that she will be able to wear her jacket on the blue side OR on the black side! What a wonderful addition to the Wild Onion Jacket family!

If you want to see these photos up close, please click onto her webshot page. In addition to more photos of her winning Wild Onion Jacket, there are photo albums featuring more of Theresa’s beautiful quilts.

Again, many congratulations to you, Theresa!



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6 responses to “A Winning Wild Onion Jacket!

  1. carlafibers

    Congrats to both Teresa and You for your winning pattern!! Love how she quilted it!

  2. The jacket is beautiful! A win for both of you!

  3. Congratulations to both of you. Her quilting is incredible. I’m so jealous!

  4. So pretty! I can see why she won. Now I’m off to FINALLY buy this pattern… I’ve got to make one of these myself!.

  5. I will pass on your kind comments to Teresa! I am pleased as punch that a Wild Onion Jacket has won ribbons as 2 major quilt shows– who’d’a thunk?!!

  6. Es una chaqueta preciosa.¿ Quien dide que el patchwork no es compatible con el vestir???.Felicidades

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