The blog where I am a guest lecturer!

A couple of weeks ago, I was the “guest lecturer” at my youngest son’s 3rd grade class. They had just finished reading a story called “The Keeping Quilt” about a family in the 1800’s. The mother makes a comfort quilt for the daughter.

One of my son’s friend’s mentioned that he was bringing in a quilt to class, as per the teacher’s request. My own son, of course, had mentioned nothing to me, since apparently we have neither quilts, nor fabric, nor sewing implements at our house.

I had a ball talking quilts with this captive audience. It was so rewarding to talk quilts with children, especially children who seem interested (ahem, not my own, as evidenced by the photo! He is busy talking to his friend, not looking at his beloved mother.)

bell-class-flying-geese-quilt.jpg bell-class-wiggle-quilt.jpg

The first quilt is a flying geese variation I made for my DH out of flannel. The second quilt is an original technique I call “Wiggle Strips and Wonky Bits”, made with hand dyed sky fabric, created by my then-5/now-10 yr. old DS! It was very gratifying when the children chose to snuggle under the quilts as I passed them out to the audience. You can sort of see a passel of kids cuddled under my Y2K signature quilt.

I am currently getting ready for an art quilt show. As soon as I get all the paperwork finished, I promise to post some photos of my newest works!



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4 responses to “The blog where I am a guest lecturer!

  1. Oh, how cute! It’s really cool to see the kids snuggled under the quilts.

  2. What fun, Susan!

    I did a 4th grade talk once. We made paper quilts out of construction paper. (geometry) We sure had fun.


  3. Looks like the kids had a great time. I have found that little ones just love quilts. I really like the handprints quilts, too. What a wonderful, heartfelt gift.

  4. comfort quilts question.
    I love what you did with the handprints on the comfort quilts. I would love to do a similar project but how do you get the prints on the fabric?

    Thanks for your help


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