All (well, some) things chicken

My friend Carla likes chickens! She is currently working on a series of chicken cartoons based on her experiences as a longarm quilter– these will be featured in the new magazine, Machine Quilting, Unlimited.

Anyway, because she is my friend, and because she has generously made me some beautiful wearable art, I thought I would share the art cuff I made for her, based upon her chicken cartoons:


I used leftover quilted fabric from this Wild Onion Jacket:

bw-log-cabin-jacket-blog.jpg This happens to be Carla’s favorite Wild Onion Jacket of mine, so while I don’t like her enough to give her the jacket (just kidding, Carla- I love you, I do!) I thought giving her a piece of the jacket would appease her!

The cuff was really fun to make:

  • cut out a rectangle of quilted fabric long enough to overlap your wrist by about 1″. (the width was determined by the height of the applique)
  • using craft felt, which doesn’t fray, cut out applique parts (I referenced Carla’s cartoon drawing, BUT please note that I have special dispensation to do so! Always use copyright-free work if you aren’t using a purchased pattern or original drawings for your applique)
  • hand or machine stitch the applique parts to the cuff fabric
  • with embroidery floss, buttonhole stitch around the edges of the cuff fabric. I made sure that my stitches were primitive looking, with knots showing and uneven stitches for a handmade, amusing look in keeping with the chicken applique
  • sew a 1″ piece of hook & loop tape (a common type has the brand name “Velcro”) on appropriate sides of the outer edges of your cuff
  • enjoy wearing your new art jewellery

I apologize for not having photos of the step by step directions– I made the cuff pre-blog! If enough people are interested, I’ll try to make another cuff, and post a photo rich tutorial!

That’s all for today…I’ll leave you with one last chicken photo:

chicken-basketeggs-blog.jpg These are lovely pastel-colored eggs from a friend (well, from a friend’s chicken). She (the human, not the chicken) delivers fresh eggs to us in this adorable chicken-shaped basket. Delightful!!



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6 responses to “All (well, some) things chicken

  1. AllenQuilts

    Cute cuff! I know Carla will love it!

  2. carlafibers

    I do LOVE it!! It sits on my bedroom fireplace mantle where I can see it each day- and slip it on when the mood hits!!

    Thank you, thank you, dear Susan!! Hugs, Carla

  3. Gina

    very inspiring bracelot!!! My favorite chicken too:)

  4. Definitely a cute chicken cuff. I’m sure Carla is glad she gave you permission!!

  5. Carla has been enjoying this cuff for a while now– but I just got around to blogging about it! Thanks for the fun comments!

  6. allworldarticles

    Good Job!

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