Meet Doris!

I am lucky enough to belong to a wonderful group of talented art quilters, called Fibervision.

A few months ago, we decided to work on a re-vision challenge. Everyone who wanted to participate brought a UFO (quilted, unquilted, blocks, it didn’t matter. We are women who do not do rules. We have found that if there are rules, we break them, just to be ornery.) A “UFO”, for those unfamiliar with quilting terms, does not reference Roswell, but refers to the myriad of unfinished projects (or objects) hanging out in our studios.

Anyway, we gleefully put a project from our studios into a brown paper bag, and tossed them onto a table at a FV meeting. Everyone picked a bag, and we dragged someone else’s unfinished work back to our studio to do whatever we wanted with it. It was actually quite freeing to have no emotional attachment to the work, and people chopped and painted with abandon. Hopefully, by the time you are reading this, the photos will be up on our website so that you can see what happened!

revision-original-blog.jpgHere is a photo of the quilt top I got in the swap– an abandoned project from a Ricky Timms workshop. I loved the colors and fabrics, and was inspired pretty immediately!Many thanks to the extremely talented Ruth Walters for donating her UFO!

I have been making skirts from pants since high school, and I usually have a pile of pants sitting in my studio waiting to be transformed.

I realized that I had these olive green pants (that NEVER flattered me) waiting to be chopped up, so….

I split the inseams all the way up, re-pinned them so that they would fit like a skirt with a slight flare, added some interesting batik fabric I had in my studio, and proceeded to add Doris to my new skirt:

revision-cu-doris-blog.jpgDoris’s birthday hat is made from the “tulip” part of the original work’s applique flower. I stencilled polka dots onto the fabric using Shiva paintsticks in copper. There are beads at the tips of the hat. Doris’ face is made from ivory felt, hand embroidered with floss from an original drawing.

Doris’ body is a piece of my own hand-dye, also stencilled in a swirly pattern with the paintstick. She wears  velvet flower petals (I suppose flowers are my “signature”, since I put them in everything, somewhere or other!).

Her legs and feet are the upside down stem/leaves from the original flower.

revision-skirt-final-blog.jpgHere is the full view of my skirt. I love it!!

revision-border-finished-blog.jpg The border from the original piece became the border of my skirt.

Leftovers from the original?  I ended up with a 1″ square and a 1/2″ x 1″ rectangle of original fabric– how thrifty!

revision-word-stencils-blog.jpgHere is Doris’ blurb. It came to me all of a sudden, and I quickly wrote it down on a scrap of paper. Fortunately, I didn’t throw out the scrap before I had stencilled it onto my skirt!

“Doris is a Diva. She celebrates her birthday every day, with cake and confetti. Her motto is: Eat dessert first.”



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9 responses to “Meet Doris!

  1. Thank you, Rice– (I can’t do the umlaut over the “e”)
    I heart Doris, too!

    (In case you don’t know, the line in Rice’s comment is supposed to show up as a heart symbol. Stoopid computers!)

  2. Ricë

    haha–it shows up as a heart when i look at your comments! wonder what it looks like to other people? are you using a mac?

  3. I love it! It’s even better than what you described to me! I think this is my new favorite piece, indeed! Miss you, and wish you were here! 😦

  4. Love your skirt, and it looked really cute on you at the meeting today!

  5. Brilliant!! I love the skirt and I love the whole idea of reworking a bit of UFO. ( must run with that idea with my art posse).

    Thanks for the inspiration! You rock!

  6. Thank you all! I had a blast working with Doris, and I look forward to another re-vision challenge with Fibervision!

  7. carlafibers

    Doris needs to meet Dilda!! LOL You are brilliant!

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