Weather, SoCal style

I thought I knew about severe weather from the blizzards and tornadoes common to my hometown, Chicago. Little did I know that the seemingly mild climate here in Southern California often bares its teeth in the form of deadly fires and earthquakes. Well, I suppose I did know about this, but maybe I was too busy dodging twisters and digging my car out from its ice encapsulation to pay closer attention. In any event, in light of the ongoing fire tragedies playing out in my adopted state, I thought I’d post a picture of more idyllic times:


We almost never have clouds over Ojai (nor thunder, nor lightening– it’s something to do with the mountains, the river, the ocean, and maybe King Arthur and his Camelot decree. I don’t rightly know.)

Anyway, hold tight, SoCal-ians. Better times ahead.


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