Art quilt using rusty fabric

What to do with all that rusty fabric?

Here’s one of my pieces for the Fibervision show at the Elverhoj Museum in Solvang, CA:

trees-3-leaves-elverhoj-full-blog.jpgIn reference to the copper clad leaf skeletons which are sewn onto the upper right side of the work, the title of the piece is: Trees: 3 Leaves. (The bright bits on the photo are beads which reflected the camera flash! The white quilted cloth on the outer right side is another quilt. I need to pay more attention to my photography skills, doncha’ think?!)

I am continually inspired by trees and leaves. The machine quilting in this piece is very organic, and references bark-like shapes. There’s also hand-beading along the gridded lines to call attention to the visual tension between the graphic quality of the grid and the organic shapes of the other fabric.


The piece is small for me, about 18 x 20. It is for sale through the museum from Nov. 16 through the end of January.

And, if you will be in or near Solvang this winter, please stop in to see this wonderful show, “Color & Cloth”, on exhibit November 16, 2007 thru January 27, 2008.

The Elverhoj Museum, 1624 Elverhoj Way, Solvang, CA, 93463. 805.686.1211



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3 responses to “Art quilt using rusty fabric

  1. carlafibers

    Love the texture and coloration, Susan!

  2. I love your rusted fabric quilt Susan. Makes me realize that all that fabric I have been rusting is for something! Love your colour contrasts and the skeleton leaves – fantastic!

  3. Wow, Susan, congratulations on your Fibervision Show! Have fun at the opening … wish I could be there.

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