My crazy mom!

Did I get my weird sense of humor from my mother? It seems so– look at the funny gift I received from her:


Does this make me want to do more dishes? What do you think!!

PS– Mommy– thank you for the gloves. Now where’s the housekeeper to go with them????!!



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8 responses to “My crazy mom!

  1. carlafibers

    I love your MOM!!! She is so funny!

  2. Jan Thompson

    I see your mom has that great sense of design, also – I see where you are coming from!!! LOL!

  3. That is so clever and cute. And, did she finally send the housekeeper to go with them?

  4. Harrrumph! No sign of anyone doing dishes but me. Same goes for laundry. Oh well, at least I look cute at the sink!

  5. Here’s the email I got from my mother:

    “I just saw the gloves on your blog. They are much funnier in person!! I.m glad you are having such a laugh from them. I will send a housekeeper when I can find one who is as funny as the gloves–she will probably arrive the first of Feb….. ”

    Guess who’s coming to visit me in Feb?!!
    PS–Like I let the Queen do dishes!! (and no, I’m not the Queen. I’m the QIT– Queen-in-Training, raised in status from Princess upon my “maturing”)

  6. LOL! I love ’em! As for a housekeeper to do the dishes, I think you need a cabana boy! 😉

  7. I wonder if your mom got the idea from the BBC TV show, “How Clean is Your House?”, with Kim and Aggie. They always have extremely decorated rubber gloves verrrry similiar to yours. Cute! Kinda makes ya hate to get them dirty!

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