Rated SU (super ugly!)

This is a photo of the unfortunate comforter I insist on placing on our marital bed each winter: (PLEASE– if you have a sensitive stomach, scroll on by– it’s REALLY REALLY ugly!!)

ugly-comforter-blog.jpg Why do I subject myself and my family to such ugliness? Because it is the perfect weight comforter– not too hot, not too cold. However, it is homely, falling apart, and makes me shudder every morning when I make the bed.

Which leads me to today’s ridiculous turn at the longarm.  For those of you new to my blog, a longarm machine is a sewing machine on steroids.  Mine is about the size of a 12 year old child, resting on a table that is 12′ x 4′– it takes up my 2 car garage-turned-studio.

Ok, so.  Instead of buying new, I decided in my recycling/thrifty zeal to recover the  oogly (or should I say, ooglier?!)  side of the comforter.   I have an enormous, expensive sewing machine, and it could be put to use saving the world from the effects of over-consuming.

So, I bought some yardage on sale (yup– I consumed.  I did warn that this was a ridiculous idea!)  I sewed 2 lengths together to get a piece of fabric approximately the same size as the comforter.  I then pinned the comforter onto my longarm machine, and laid the nice new fabric on top of the comforter.

After gulping some Pepto-Bismol to quiet my stomach (which was turning from such close proximity to the ugliness), I proceeded to sew some straight lines which would hold the fabric to the comforter, re-covering the ugly.  And for those of you smarter than me who are wondering:  I didn’t make a “duvet cover” because I hate the way the comforter always slips and bunches inside one.

Okay, if this were a tutorial I’d say:

see, here


I’m pointing out where the old stitching was, and I’m going to re-stitch the new fabric along those lines.

And see, here comforter-stitching-tute-blog.jpgI am showing you how I measured and marked with chalk so that I could stitch along the line.  I have a handy “channel lock” which allows me to sew a straight line without any effort at all.  (I do love my machine.  Her name is Phoebe).

Alas, this is NOT a tutorial.  For when I got to the bottom of the comforter/new fabric, I realized that there was no way on this earth I was going to be able to shove that puppy under my machine to stitch on a binding.

Plus, it’s still really ugly.

So, heed my tale of woe.  Not every great idea is a great idea.  Sometimes, ugly just gotta get gone.  I have been avoiding my studio for the past 2 days, because I just don’t want to face the awfulness waiting for me on my machine.  But I will square up my shoulders,  go out there, rip out the stitching (to save the new fabric for another project), and take the ugly comforter to the thrift shop.

Maybe one of you, dear readers, would like to try your hand at re-covering?!!



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11 responses to “Rated SU (super ugly!)

  1. Hey Susan, what about applying the binding while it’s still on the longarm? I do that all the time with my utility quilts.

  2. Funny! Have you considered making a duvet cover of sorts but attaching it permanently by tieing it – like a utility quilt is done? I’m one of those people that also gets attached to “my” comfy things.

  3. Oh. My. Crazy what we hold on to, isn’t it?

    Thanks for providing the humor for my day!

  4. AHA!! I can’t apply the binding even on the longarm (the elderly stuffing has shifted radically towards the outer borders of the fugly comforter and is waaaay to puffy to even attempt!), I think I might be able to make a duvet cover, slip it over the comforter, load it back onto the longarm, and do some tacking type quilting to keep the duvet cover in place.
    Now to find some time….
    Good idea, Vicki!! Thanks!

  5. I’m going to go against the flow here and vote for a new comfy. Yup, I’ve gotta be different! 😉

  6. Time to give it up! You have quilted hundreds of other people’s quilts, time to do one for yourself.

    BTW: How often do you have a one word response?? I was shocked at your response on my blog! LOL

  7. Jan Thompson

    Oh, Susan – I’m not even sure the thrift shop deserves this one. LOL!!! I think a lovely quilt made from your rusty fabric would be fabulous!

  8. Gina

    I have the same dog gone problem with Walts Wooby Susan!!! I think we should make duvet cover, with a strip of velco down at the foot for wash removals. Whatdoya think?

  9. Leslie

    At least you make your bed… I’m impresssed. Even if it is an ugly comforter. Make yourself a new one… I bought the fabric to redo my bedroom 3 years ago. I gotta do it this year before the fabric is out of style.

  10. I spent the past two days being ribbed unmercifully about this comforter and the lengths I’ve gone to to save it. I give up– I will dutifully add to the landfill (or Goodwill) and be the good little consumer, and go buy a new comforter. If you’re lucky, I will blog about the adventure. If you’re very lucky, you will miss that post.

    Hugs to you all– you’ve given me several days of laughing over this silly comforter. Now who’s coming over to help me unstitch the fabric I quilted to it?

  11. I think I bought the twin to this comforter in shades of teal for my son’s waterbed back in the mid-nineties. It is now used as a camping quilt in the mountains for whoever arrives unprepared to spend the night. (That’ll teach them!)Each time I look at it, I wonder, “What was I thinking?”

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