So much stuff, so little room

I love to create handbags, scarves, silk cuffs, skirts…. but I live in a small house with a smaller closet (and some of you know that my closet is stuffed full of shoes–shhhh)

I had to do something to clear out a little space, sooooo– I just created an etsy shop! It was fun, fast, and intuitive (I am becoming much more computer-literate that I ever thought possible!)

Here are the photos of the items I’ve got listed. I’m not going to put a ton of things up for sale– I want to see how this goes. My kids are all excited– oooo, Mommy, if you sell that shirt for $2,000,000, can I have a new skateboard and a Wii, and a (fill-in-the-blank)? They are such wonderful, supportive children, aren’t they? And no, I did not list a shirt for 2 million dollars. Not even for a skateboard.


Wish me luck!



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9 responses to “So much stuff, so little room

  1. So you could have easily answered them with a “yes, of course”!

  2. Wow! Look at you conquering the world!

  3. Hey girl! Nice job on the Etsy listings! Your bags are worth every bit of the asking price. Do NOT let anyone tell you differently. One question: who wrote those yummy discriptions? This is where I have a problem. I want to write like those in the now defunct J. Peterman Catalogue. A story that transports the reader to some exotic place, with this cool bag on her arm….

  4. Luck…..coming at ya! Kids, kids, kids…..aren’t they cute?

  5. Beautiful work on your etsy shop. Honey, you should be asking twice as much!

  6. Wow, I think I may have helped create a Computer Geek! (hehe) Very impressive, no stopping you now. What exactly is your plan for all those shoes?

  7. carlafibers

    Good for you, Susan!!

  8. carieshields

    Good luck on your new adventure. Cool bags too! I bet you’ll do great selling your art. So does this mean you can fit more shoes in your closet?

  9. Go Susan, go Susan, WOOHOO!!

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