Holiday Crafts

My oldest son participates in his school Holiday Bazaar, which means I have to think up some appropriate craft to make and he sells it for 50cents. Last year, I spent $25 on craft supplies, and he made $8.

I doubt he will rock the business world anytime soon.

This year, I decided that I, er, I mean HE was going to make a craft using supplies from my prodigious supply warehouse (the fam calls it a studio, but it could be opened to the public, all major credit cards accepted).

I tried making some prototype stuffed monster dolls, which are so darned cute. Since the school says no item can retail over $5, I thought smaller might be more cost-efficient. I’m pretty sure he won’t get rich on this Bazaar, but I don’t want to be out too much cash!

ugly-monsters-blog.jpgThese are my prototypes– I love them!! But…

The small size means that they were a bit challenging, even for me. And, since I am a professional cutter/sewer, and he’s 10, it’s back to the drawing board.

I have been diligently working on my wool felt quilt blocks, so of course, there are piles of chopped up wool sweaters everywhere in the warehouse. Darn– I mean, studio. The boys followed me into the studio last night (I try to take a different route every day, but they find me anyway.)

Anyway, the boys started playing with colors of felt, and soon had coerced me into letting them sew with my machine. My fancy, pricey machine with a needle sharp enough to pierce a finger, thus allowing us to further support the local hospital’s retirement fund. Fortunately, by the end of the evening, the machine was unharmed (the boys were fine, too.)

Here’s the result of our play time: a nice warm hat (in case the temperature dips below 80 degrees–brrrrrr!) DS1 figured out the fit and construction all by himself:

It is made entirely of cut off cuffs, with the top part made from a shrunken cowl neck ribbing. The words say “yo what now” which is apparently some kind of surfer-dude speak. I wouldn’t know, I’m old. And the ear flaps– what an insouciant touch!


And so– we are still working on ideas for the craft bazaar. I am hoping to be “working on ideas” well after the bazaar– having experience in this area, I can tell you that my role as Little Helper suddenly expands to MomYouDoIt when a group of his friends strolls by…

What now, yo?



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8 responses to “Holiday Crafts

  1. Very cool hat, Andrew! You rock, Yo!

    Susan, love the monsters!

  2. So funny. Good luck with the projects and I love the little monsters……the stuffed ones, of course.

  3. Helen

    SO cute! The monsters are absolutely darling 🙂 The hat is a complete work of art as well…”What now, Yo!” – Love it! Crafts are such a great way for kids to express themselves, especially when they’re eager to do it!

  4. carlafibers

    What a creative son you have!! He must have got that from you!! LOL

    Love the monsters, too!

  5. loraquilt

    Yo, Susan, why can’t they make the hats for the craft bazaar? It gets kind of cold in Ojai once in awhile.

    And your little prototypes are way too cute.

    All best,

  6. Gina

    YO, Ojai!Love the hats! And its cold enough here to wear!!!

  7. Sooo kewl! I love them! (The model is cute, too!)

  8. mnorton19

    Hey Italo artists, I see a future in the commercial world for you all. Cell phone bags, marble bags, key chain doddads. The hats and the monsters are the best. The bazaar will love them, don’t forget you can always add beads! LOL

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