Easy way to read blogs

I found a very easy way to stay current with the blogs that I read! It’s called “Bloglines” and it is very intuitive– even I figured it out!

Once you go to the site, you can click “subscribe”. That gets you to a page asking for the URL (the address) of the blog you wish to enter. An easier way to go is to click the “easier way to subscribe” link. There, you will find clear directions that get you a subscribe button to add to your bookmark toolbar. Its a simple drag and click process, and the directions are well written.

Now, when I’m reading a blog I like, I can simply open my bookmarks toolbar, click my “Sub with Bloglines” button, and the blog address is magically added!

When I have a few minutes to spare, I can quickly find blogs to read by opening up my bookmarks toolbar, clicking on the “Sub with Bloglines” button, and on the page that opens, click “Feeds”.

Magically, a page opens that has all the blogs I read! The blogs that have new posts for me to enjoy show up in bold type with a number indicating how many new posts there are for me to read. If a blog has no new posts for me, the title shows up in regular type with no numbers beside it.

I find that this is an easy way to keep track of all my reading. I don’t have to click and click and click onto blog after blog, and if someone has a new post, I know about it sooner, rather than later. I can read the posts on the Bloglines page, or click onto the post’s headline and be taken (magically) to their blog address.

Thanks to Barbara at Weaving the Web for this very excellent advice!



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6 responses to “Easy way to read blogs

  1. I go a step further and have them “notify” me when there are new posts on any blog i subscribe to. That way you have only those up in the list on the left; the ones with current posts.

    It’s a tiny icon in the task bar and makes a noise when there are new posts. Seems to me you choose the amount of time they let pass between checking for new posts.

  2. barbarahynes

    Cool, you did it! I found out because your blog is listed on my Bloglines list. Sure makes life easier than putting them in your Favorites and randomly checking them. And thanks for the mention!

  3. Wow. I had to check to see whose blog I was reading!

    Technology advice from Susan!!!

    I used to use Bloglines, but now my favorite is Google Reader. They work very similarly, and make a lot more sense than trying to visit blogs individually.

  4. I use blogmail via http://www.blogarithm.com/index.php it works on much the same principle. I get an email listing the blogs (on my list of 114) that have been updated that day and this makes easy reading to catch up on what’s new without having to guess who has updated. By the way I love the work you do!

  5. carlafibers

    Pinch me… Susan is giving techno advice!! LOL We just have to tease you, dear Susan!

    XOXO have a great holiday, Susan!

  6. Yes, yes, I am now a computer geek (or computer idiot, depending upon the day). Suzanne and Carla are 2 of my 3 “geeks” that have provided help, love, and assistance throughout this learning process. I just knew they’d get a laugh out of this post from ME!!

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