RAK (random acts of kindness)

A while ago, I posted about meeting a woman at an ice cream shop. She had the most beautiful felted bag, and so of course, I had to chat with her!

We have become friends via emails, and today, we met for coffee, and I was gifted with the other most beautiful felted bag!


I wish you could see this in person– it’s purples and greens, with smudges of peach, and lime, and some gold flecks. It looks as if you are looking at a lavender field on a misty morning. It is so very soft, and I love it! Thank you again, Linda!

I didn’t attend our get-together empty handed. Here is what I made for her:


The front panel is a variation on my embellished silk fusion…however this panel comes from humble stock. Can you guess what it is?


Well…. I do have a large warehouse of fabric (some people call it a stash. Mine got bigger than that.) And all that fabric needs to be washed before I use it in my quilting. So, you know how when you take yardage out of the washer, and there’s some awful stringy things hanging off the raw edge? (Aside: yes, yes, I know, you’re supposed to clip the corners to prevent this. I’ve tried it– it doesn’t work for me, and now I actually WANT those stringys!) Anyhoodle, I started saving those stringy thingy’s- because I was nervous about having a clear space in the remote corner of a drawer, and I needed a baggy of stringy thingy’s to fill it up.

After a few years of marinating in that dark corner, the bag was retrieved, and lo and behold! It’s really nifty to work with!

I placed it between some dissolvable film, add chunks of fabric and yarns and ribbons and what-all, and sew away. Ta da!

The rest of the bag is made from a pin-tucked moleskin, with a cotton print interior. I chose this particular print because Linda and I met at an ice cream place called “Dippin’ Dots” and this print reminds me of the crazy ice cream pellets on order at DD.

I will carry this bag always mindful of the value of friendship. If you see a fellow artist out in the world, do take a moment to smile and introduce yourself– you never know when a friend is just waiting to be discovered!



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5 responses to “RAK (random acts of kindness)

  1. Both bags are pretty! What a great day! I too save the strings from the wash. I have a nice colorful box of them. Thanks for the idea to use it!

  2. loraquilt

    What a wonderful thing for the beautiful art that you both make to lead to new friendship! The bags are great and I look forward to seeing the one you received in the near future.

    Funny about the stringies – I have a trash can right next to the dryer and I deposit them directly before the fabric leaves the laundry area room. Love what you have done, but I still don’t miss my stringies.

  3. Love the new bag you got, as well as the one you made! What a lovely way to spend your birthday! 😉
    Happy birthday, my special friend! Love you mucho!

  4. “Stringy Thingies” … I love it! And I love what you created with them. Your new friend Linda created a beautiful gift for you too. Happy Birthday!

  5. Yeah for stringy things. Now on to dryer sheets, dryer lint and baby wipes! LOL Just doing our part to save the planet.
    Happy Birthday!

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