Construction or Destruction?

As a little added birthday bonus, construction on our house addition began on my big day.

On day one, all that happened was one guy and a saw cutter, incising nice neat lines into my concrete patio and front stoop.


On day two, lots of burly men with jackhammers showed up and turned my house to rubble. I felt sorry for any neighborhood teenager trying to sleep in on the weekend.

It apparently doesn’t bother big burly men to make a complete mess of a person’s front AND back door, put up some yellow caution tape, and leave for the weekend:


I wonder if they leave wet towels on the bathroom floor, too!

When we first started working with our architect, back in July, I joked that by the time all the work started in earnest, they’d probably knock a hole in my house on December 24, then leave for the holidays.  Be careful what you joke about;  it could come true:


Concrete has been poured, and we are anxious to welcome the new year, when the framing and everything else gets underway.  This will be a beautiful new room for our guests, as well as serving as a much needed office for DH.  There will be vaulted ceilings and french doors, a private patio, and a private bathroom.  The room also serves to block our view of the street, from both our family room and our patio.  It’s just good, all the way ’round.

Other work happening chez Italo:

The front door will be replaced in our newly added foyer.  All new windows and french doors will hopefully keep out the biting cold winds of Southern California– they are brutal, I tell ya!  The boys’ bathroom gets a complete re-do, as well:  DH has been re-finishing a beautiful buffet to serve as the bathroom cabinet, I ordered a lovely granite countertop, and slate mosaic tiles as accent pieces.  A new tub will wait longingly for a dirty kid to leave soap scum on its pristine surface.

If we have any leftover currency, new carpet, new paint, and hopefully, a new master bathroom are in the works (in my head, anyway)!  Geesh– I sound like that commercial for one of the big box hardware stores:  the one where the husband and wife stand in front of their newly re-roofed home, and he thinks they’re done remodeling, she drags him back to the big box store for more and more….

Anyway– happy new year to you all.  I wish you peace and joy and lots of creative inspiration in the coming year.  Y’all know where I’ll be!



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3 responses to “Construction or Destruction?

  1. Well, doesn’t that look like fun? Some day I hope I g et to come see your new addition. I’ll wait until it is done, though, so that I can sleep in the new guest bedroom….

  2. Wow, you weren’t kidding when you said you were remodeling! I figured new paint or tile, but no . . . you’re building a guest suite just for me. Thanks, let me know when it’s done!

  3. That’s quite an undertaking – and OH the dust! Hope all goes well, and have a wonderful New Year!

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