Orange altered sweater

Faithful reader, do you know that I’ve only lived in Southern California for 9 years? I moved here from Chicago, where I grew up. (That is the reason for the ironical references to the bitter cold of the SoCal winters. It amuses me terribly that I am so cold now, when the thermometer registers any number under 72. And of course, in the summer, when it gets above 85? SWELTER!! Can you say spoiled rotten Callie girl?!!)

Anyhoo, I realized that all of my sweaters are aging terribly! How can this wearable artist emerge from her lair looking so dated? And yet, with only a few short weeks to wear sweaters, this thrifty non-consumer is not about to plunk down hundreds to re-stock the old closet. (unless you all want to go shoe shopping. Then all bets are off and I’m in!)

I pulled down this wonderful orange chenille funnel neck. orange-swtr-before.jpg

Funnel neck? How old is that?? Dragged it out to my studio, where I marked the center front from the top of the funnel to the hem, using my trusty white chalk. orange-swtr-center-sewn-b4-cutting.jpg I then zig zagged on both sides of the chalk line, keeping close to the line without overlapping the stitching:

After cutting up the line, being careful not to clip too many stitches, I had a cardigan shape with a nice wide collar. Looking more modern by the minute!

orange-swtr-finished-full.jpgI bound the front edges with a pink, orange, and yellow batik. Pink and orange is my favorite color combo– yippee!

neck-orange-swtr.jpg front-placket-orange-swtr.jpgI added mis-matched buttons, just for the whimsey, and put a belt on the back made from the same batik, with some buttons sewn on for fun.

. back-orange-swtr.jpg

Ahhhh. Now my winter wardrobe is coming up to speed!



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10 responses to “Orange altered sweater

  1. Susan, your creativity always amazes me. Very nice way to update an old sweater!

  2. Very cool. You do seem to have a thing for orange!

  3. Love what you have done here! I so admire your eye – I would never think to do this.

  4. I do have a soft spot for orange– it’s my oldest boy’s favorite color, and I had to make peace with orange playing a large part of my life back when he first discovered colors! Now, I just like it for it’s own sake– it’s very cheerful and fun. Paired with pink, and I’m over the moon!

  5. I love it Susan. You certainly have an artistic eye.

  6. Ricë

    wow! fabulous! i love those colors, too–

  7. Orange is my DD2’s favorite color. You did a fabulous job on that sweater. And yes, us California Girls have a very small temperature tolerance. You really nailed it. LOL

  8. Great sweater. Thanks for sharing the steps!

  9. Lindy

    I love this idea for a refashioned sweater. I am totally going green this year and am trying to find all the repurposed clothing ideas and to find some great gift ideas. Wearable ART is my next great fashion adventure. Thanks for inspiring me both creatively and spiritually. Kindest Regards, Lindy

  10. Wowzah! I didn’t know anyone still had funnel necked sweaters hanging around! 😉 I love what you did with it!

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