It’s beginning to look like a room with a view!

On day two of framing, the house looked like this:


This opening will be double french doors leading out to the patio (where I’m standing to take the photo).  We are planning on a stone wall to enclose the patio from the back driveway (to the left out of view of this photo).  Lots of plants and flowers will make this a charming spot to eat our meals during nice weather.  Before this addition, our patio was open to the driveway and the street.  It wasn’t all that much fun to eat dinner with a parade of neighbors looking on!  Now we will be cozy and private.

This is the addition’s back wall (I am standing in our back driveway, looking towards the back of the house.)  That window was a concession for DH– but I felt strongly that the room needed to capture the view of the trees.  I got my way, after some persuasion!


There is a dirt “alley” between the addition and the driveway, which we will plant.  Maybe some rosemary and roses, so the aroma drifts in through the windows, reminding DH that I am always right?


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