La plume de ma tante

“La plume de ma tante” (my aunt’s pen) is what most people remember from their early French lessons. Is that like “run, Spot, run”? Maybe.

I began learning French when I was in 6th grade, back in the Middle Ages. In the first week, my clever teacher taught us a small “play”, in which I was to go into a forest, searching for flowers to bring to my mother. I still remember how excited I was, walking home, picking some wildflowers, and giving them to my mother with a flourish and a French phrase!

Now this little life tidbit will come into play later in this post, so tuck it away in your memory, and read on!

If you’ve been reading about the sad state of my winter wardrobe, you’ll know that I’ve been working on updating my sweater collection. I found an old black hooded sweatshirt, and thought, hmmmmmmm. Blank canvas!

I found a vintage black floral pillowcase, some black floral yardage in my stash, and some butterfly yardage. I did some collage work on the front and back of the sweatshirt, covering the various stains that magically appear on sweatshirts. It seemed ok, but it wasn’t speaking to me…


Until one morning, when my turn on the French stage popped into my head! Aha!


I finished collaging with more of a plan, including pulling off the bottom ribbing, replacing it with the striped fabric.


Pour moi, the piece de resistance is the lettering I added, which has made this one of my more satisfying and personal re-models:

Je voudrais bien aller dans le foret pour chercher des jolie fleurs (I would like to go to the forest to look for some pretty flowers)

C’est mignon, n’est-ce pas?!!



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7 responses to “La plume de ma tante

  1. Very clever! I learned Spanish with a Southern accent. I forgot all of it the day that school ended!

  2. When I first learned French in the seventh and eighth grades, we used conversational 45 rpm records. (That in itself is an admission of my age!) I can still repeat some of the dialogues. “Ou est la bibliotheque!”

    Love your new hoodie and the delightful memory associated with it.

  3. Jennifer Miller

    Oui, c’est tres jolie! Je l’aime beaucoup! Les mots en francais sont charmants!!

  4. La camisa sueter es muy bonita! (Well, in Texas we don’t speak French!) ;^)

  5. Elle est da la sal de classe.
    I have no idea if that is the correct spelling, but that is the only phrase stuck, (for 25 years!!) in my head from French class.
    But I once went a whole evening in Vegas “speaking French” to my friend who “interpreted” for me to a lot of very impressed people. After all, I am from Canada, so therefore I must speak French, like Celine! LOL

    LOVE the sweatshirt!

  6. I’ve enjoyed reading about all your early forays into foreign language. Isn’t it funny how some things stick?

    Wonder why that calculus class didn’t have such staying power????

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