I must share photos of the glorious prezzies dear Lynn and Suzanne gave me while I was at Road to California!

The calendar of calendars, from Suzanne– each day presents me with a glorious shoe photo! I peeked at my birthday–ooo la la!


This is Lynn’s contribution to my shoe fetish– a glass nail file with a hand painted shoe. Useful and fetish-y– yipee!


Do they know me or what?!

UPDATE:  the glass nail file is amazing!  I always struggle with getting my nails smooth after I use an emery board– not so with the glass file!  The file Lynn bought me is so cute that I put it in my purse, but now it lives in my bathroom drawer so that I can use it more often.  Next time you are at a show and see these nail files, treat yourself!



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2 responses to “Prezzies!

  1. I’ll bring my painted fabric if you wear your most outrageous pair of shoes to the FV meeting!

  2. It’s too soggy to wear my lovelies, Judy! I’ll wear an altered sweater, instead!

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