Addition update

Just in time for a rainy week, our room addition has been framed in. When the room was just a skeleton of 2×4’s, the room seemed small. With the addition of walls and a roof, it’s easy to envision the ultimate size.

The ceiling is going to be vaulted, as DH loves high ceilings, and this room will serve primarily as his office. It was fun to watch the crane lower the header onto the roofing studs:



The front of my house has been torn apart in preparation for the new foyer, too. Here are some preliminary photos:


The foyer has also been framed in, but it looks like a big plywood box from the street, with no door or window or light details. I will post photos of the foyer project when it looks prettier!



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2 responses to “Addition update

  1. Wow, Susan! It looks like you are building a whole new house! How exciting!!!


  2. carlafibers

    Looking great, Susan!! Can’t wait to visit when it is over.

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