An arty day

On Saturday, I got to spend the morning with my fiber art group, Fibervision. We had a lot of business to discuss, as we have another show coming up in March at the Architectural Foundation in Santa Barbara, and today was “quilt intake day”. I was working frantically on my piece, which was inspired by the tile roofs I saw in Italy. Yes yes– photos will follow! I was working so hard that I forgot to take a photo of the finished piece. Fortunately, my friend Judy Rys volunteered to take the work home with her, photograph it, and re-deliver it to be hung in the show! Thanks again, Judy!

After all that business, we got down to some serious fun– it was time again for our second annual re-Vision swap. We put a quilt top or finished quilt into a brown bag, and swap with each other. The idea is to give away a UFO or quilt that doesn’t work for you, give it to another artist, and see what she can make of it. You may remember my skirt named “Doris”? That was from the first annual re-Vision challenge. We are hoping to post ongoing photos from this year’s challenge, so I will keep you informed as that happens.

I don’t have any art quilt UFO’s, so my friend Mary Norton kindly donated one of hers for me. I will have to come up with an artsy gift to thank her for her generosity.

Fibervision meets an hour north of my home, so I dragged my visiting mother and oldest son to the meeting, because my mother wanted to continue further north to Solvang to see our Color & Cloth exhibit. We had a yummy hamburger and onion ring lunch, washed down with real ice cream milkshakes (swoon!). With Judy Rys in tow, we drove north, oogling the snow covered mountains. I love snow in photos or waaaaay far in the distance.


The show was still wonderful– and there were 2 women looking at the quilts for the longest time. When they figured out that Judy and I were 2 of the artists, they were very complimentary, which made us blush and preen! They told us that they were big fans of our group, which prompted more blushing and preening. Hmm– can you have a proper fan club with 2 members? YES!!

And, if that all wasn’t enough fun, Judy took us to Shelbi Ranch in Solvang. This is a conglomeration of shops; the lower level has bolts upon bolts upon buttons upon yarn upon trim, all for the grand price of $1 per yard!! Much of the fabric is “what were the designers thinking?” variety (we found not one but 3 bolts of psychedelic pink/orange/yellow Jimi Hendrix heads), but I also found some Kaffe Fassett striped fabric, some Kaufmann blue/white Hawaiian fabric, and some pink silk/linen.


Because I now feel the need to justify my purchases: the Hawaiian fabric is backing for a quilt I plan to make for DS1’s new bed, the pink linen is to try out one of the new patterns I bought at Road to CA, and the stripe is because I like to use striped fabric.

Fabric for a dollar a yard? Who could resist? Sigh– once a fabric-aholic, always a fabric-aholic!


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