Hard hat days

I’m back! Did you miss me? I missed you! I would’ve invited you over for dinner, but you might have gotten this seat:

Yes, indeed– that is a toilet on my patio! The contractor thought it belonged in the lineup of our outdoor dining chairs. Who knows, maybe we’ll start a trend! BTW, I’m sure you also noticed the blue taped potty seat– the workmen saw the look on DS2’s face when the toilet came outside, and they weren’t taking any chances!

Anyhoo, the office/guest room is getting carpet laid down this morning, the trim and new front door go in this weekend, the stucco– hmmm, better ask about that one. And the boy’s bathroom is coming along– which is good, because I’m just about ready to send them out to the porta-potty. They are using MY bathroom– ’nuff said (mother’s of boys, you know what I’m talking about!).

I’ve done almost no work in my art studio since Thanksgiving!! Yes, I am going nutty, thanks for asking. I will share the little bit I have when I get more time. The carpet guy just pulled up, and so, I’m putting on my hard hat (kind of like pulling up my big girl panties, without the wedgie) and going out to make sure we don’t end up with orange shag!



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7 responses to “Hard hat days

  1. do they even make orange shag anymore?

    “if the toilet is outside, we could use it, and then we’d really have an excuse for not flushing.”

    I’m trying something new– commenting right below your comment. I thought I’d try it on someone who won’t take offense if I mess up the comment… you won’t, right???!!! Susan

  2. I totally know what you are talking about. All children are banned from my bathroom, they have their own. Sometimes, I would like to ban hubby, too.

    I am working on my own studio reno right now, it is on my blog if you want to check it out.

    Oh, and I would love to see pictures of your place when it’s done…only so you can prove the you really didn’t get the orange shag, LOL.

  3. Susan, we have missed you. I know you’ll be glad when the construction is over and life gets back to normal…..whatever that is, huh?

  4. Yes – you have been missed! I’ve been wondering how the construction was going! Not too sure about that extra dining chair – not very appetizing!

  5. Jorja

    “going out to make sure we don’t end up with orange shag!”

    Well now you’ve hurt my feelings ;-).

    Here in rural Southern Utah you see lots of outdoor thrones (and wringer washers and old chest freezers); we plant flowers and ‘maters in ’em. Probably wouldn’t fly in Ojai though, LOL!

    Susan wrote: Ha ha! My mother had the same idea– plant some flowers in it and make it purty!

  6. carlafibers

    Hi Susan,enjoyed seeing the picture! LOL Glad you are back,so I can read about you on your blog. Hugs, C

  7. carieshields

    It’s good to ‘see’ you again. I guess if the toilet is outside, it wouldn’t matter when they miss. LOL Good luck with the rest of the remodel.

    Susan wrote: The toilet has now made it back inside, altho it hasn’t been hooked up. I now see the flaw in my bathroom re-do. I should’ve made the whole bathroom stainless steel with a drain in the middle of the floor and a hook up for a garden hose. That would’ve made clean up a breeze…

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