Something old, something new

Altho I haven’t been able to work in my studio in at least ninety years now, I did manage to peek inside a few days ago. It has become the repository of all things that need to be “out of the way of fillintheblank worker guy”. Shudder. You can only imagine how upsetting it is to see mess in there– well, I mean someone else’s mess. My mess is okay.

Anyway, I thought I might take this opportunity to rearrange and reorganize. One big issue I have is storage space for books and magazines. Currently, I have enormous ski jumps beside my bed, made up entirely of my newest books and magazines. If I have to bring those into my studio (as I will at some point in time!) I will have to make some bookshelf space in my studio….

My eyes lit on the 2 shelves full of every quilt magazine I have ever read. Hmmmm. I started going thru them, and while I absolutely vouch for the wonderfulness of the magazines, my tastes have changed and it was time for them to go live with someone who hasn’t read them yet. I have been enjoying paging thru them, tho.

Which brings me to the point of this post. (yes, I do too sometimes get around to the point!) While paging thru one magazine, I noticed that there had been a quilt block challenge for this publication, and the blue ribbon winner was one of the members of my Chicago quilt group, Lynn Dykstra! I must have emailed my congratulations, altho why I didn’t call her, I don’t know–from the date of the issue, I was still living in Chicago at the time of publication. Well, I’m glad I didn’t call, because stuck in the issue was a printed out email reply (I had limited access to the computer at that time– so DH printed out my very few emails!).

I googled Lynn, found her blog (click on her name, above!), and smiled my way through it! If you enjoy quilts, I highly recommend her blog– she has a lovely sense of style, both quilting and writing. I have been in e-touch with her, and she tells me that our quilt group is still going strong, after 15 years! Well done, CQC! (aside: I’m sure they are still heart broken over my west coast defection. I’m happy they have muddled thru their tears, pulling together to continue on with their quilting life!)

I have such fond memories of this group! We taught ourselves to dye fabric (after a disastrous turn trying to dye sky fabric, which washed out since I bought acid dye instead of MX for the cotton. Oh. I’ve since gotten a bit better at fabric dyeing…) We had babies, and world travelling, job changes, and house remodelling. When I was on bed rest with my first pregnancy for SEVEN MONTHS (ugh), the group cheerfully agreed to always meet at my house; they set up/cleaned up/brought treats, sat on the floor since I had to lie flat on my back on the couch, and generally entertained me. What a group!

My “new” (refer to the title of this post) is a challenge to you: cherish your old friends, your old books, your old magazines. But make room for the new, too. Find a new group to open your eyes to a different way. Read a new book or magazine with ideas or tools or techniques that are new to you.

As the Girl Scout song goes: Make new friends, but keep the old ones. One is silver and the other gold.

Silver? Gold? As in: foil…Shiva paint sticks…lumiere fabric paint…glitter….

PS– my apologies for not adding any photos (I can’t get outside to my studio because the stucco men have masked off my doors, effectively sealing me inside).



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2 responses to “Something old, something new

  1. It’s a small world! I hope you get back into your studio soon. Meanwhile, it is fun to go through old magazines and think about what you liked then and how your tastes have changed.

    Susan wrote: Vicki is referring to an email I sent to her today regarding Lynn Dykstra. While I was reading Lynn’s blog, I went to comment on a post. Lo and behold, when I opened the comments page, there was Vicki’s smiling face on a comment to Lynn! What a small world. The fun for me was doubled since this was the second time I came across Vicki in a new-to-me blog. There’s a heads-up for ya– Vicki does read some terrific blogs– I’m going to check them all out, now!

  2. How fun to reconnect with your old group! And thanks for reminding me of that Girl Scout song. Love the ski slope description – I’ve got one of those, too.

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