organization ho!

I have been most inspired by Vicki’s weekly t0-do list and her stash in/stash out reports. I am an avid list-maker, and by all accounts, I like to read other people’s lists, too. With all the mess and dis-organization in my life these past few months, I have decided to take advantage of the lull in my never-ending painting (walls and trim, not fabric, wah!!) duties, and apply some order to my studio.

I started with my older quilt magazines. I am the type of person who likes to reminisce, so I have quite enjoyed this look back through my quilting history. I found an old friend, Lynn, came upon several entries in Quilter’s Newsletter magazine by my fellow Fibervision member, Andi, and re-read an article in Australian Patchwork and Quilting magazine about my friend Tracey Browning.

The article talked about Tracey giving quilt lessons to mum’s who got to bring their kids to her house while they learned about quilting. I was tickled to find that I remember reading that article! I recall wishing that I could participate in those lessons– my boys were toddlers at the time, and quilting time was hard to come by, let alone time for a lesson. It makes me smile to know that the article was about a quilter who is now a friend. Sadly, I don’t see her in person often enough, as Tracey lives in Australia, and I do not! Here’s mud in yer eye from across the way, Tracey!

Here’s a list of sorts. I was emailing with my list sponsor (Vicki!) this morning, lamenting that although I now have a pretty large studio, I seem to have less room. Here’s why:

Before, my studio contained: fabric (cotton), books, the beginning magazine collection, a small container of thread on spools, a drawer of quilt tools, rulers/mats/rotary cutter, a bag of batting if I was nearing the end of a quilt.

Now, my studio contains: fabric (cotton), fabric (silk), fabric (white bolts for dyeing), fabric (weirder and weirdest for chunky bits to add to art quilts or wearables), books (from traditional to art quilts to wearables to techniques), a full cabinet of thread on cones, a full cabinet of art tools, a pantry full of paint and dyes and chemicals and the tools of that trade, same rulers/mats/rotary cutter (wheee– no expansion there– oops. yes, one 1 1/2″ x 36″ ruler to measure off my batting), 2 to 3 bolts of batting at any given time, a serger (Jenny), a Featherweight (Lillian), and a longarm Gammill (Phoebe), boxes of silk flowers, boxes of silk fibers, boxes of wool fibers, clothing to alter into wearables, boxes of sweaters to full, a hanging bar full of Wild Onion Jackets, boxes of my Wild Onion Jacket patterns. Oh, and there’s the pile of rusting stuff outside my studio door– a rusted wheelbarrow, a big rusted garbage can, assorted pipes and bits and bobs, vinegar, salt, and plastic sheeting.

Is it any wonder why I tread carefully when I get in my studio? I have a new customer coming on Thursday. She is an organizational person (I almost wrote organizational therapist– hmmm. I might sign up for that!!). Maybe we can work out a trade– quilting for organizing!

OK. Bet you want to see pictures of my studio! Not on your life. Just close your eyes and picture mounds and mounds of stuff, and now picture the mounds sprouting piles. There ya go– now you know what my studio looks like. I love all the new and exciting directions my art is taking me, I really do. I just think it’s time to put some order into my space so that I can feel less claustrophobic and more productive!



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3 responses to “organization ho!

  1. No pictures? Chicken!
    I like “organizational therapist”. I could use one of those too.

    Susan wrote: Bawk, bawk, bawk!!

  2. Gina

    I would be a tree trunk without my lists! ( non moving)
    I have a quilt friend who actually hires a organizational therapist for her kitchen once a year! Is that crazy? Maybe not eh… I cant wait to see the studio… after therapy:)

  3. Doncha just hate it when you have to admit that all the piles and hidden supplies really are getting in the way of your productivity??

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