Ramblings and a give-away!

Suzanne just posted some funny bits on her blog about her boys and their recent turn into the literal meaning of words. It’s either something to do with the age of our children (8-10) or it’s the water, because my boys are doing the same thing all of a sudden.

Around here, we’re being treated to science lessons. Here’s an example, altho I have to paraphrase, due to “mommy’s ear”– you know, when you only sort of kind of listen.

DS1: “Atoms don’t touch each other, and skin is made of atoms, so when I hit my brother, I didn’t touch him.”
Me: “Oh. Thanks for clearing that up. Now go to your room.”

On the studio front, I spent the past few days trying to get a handle on the mess in there. Some stuff– like 5 boxes of partially used grout, for goodness sake!– got dumped into DH’s shed. Some more books and patterns are going onto Quilter’s Flea Market and Sew It’s For Sale. I found these 2 yahoo groups a few months ago, and they are great places to buy and sell stuff that relates to sewing, quilting, and general fiber art.

I also found a box with the beginnings of my Dear Jane quilt. I started this quilt about 12 years ago, right around when the book came out. My quilt store must not have carried any available Civil War reproduction fabrics, because I remember trying really hard to find suitable fabric! Nowadays, I’d only have to go to my bottom cabinet to go shopping for that type of fabric….repro-cabinet-blog.jpg

I remember trying to work on these blocks, many of which have close to one thousand 1/8″ triangles:


Miniature-type piecing is not for me, and as I cleaned up yesterday, I gave myself permission not to make this quilt, no matter how gorgeous it is.

In keeping with my theme of the month, which is “clean.up.your.studio.or.else.Missy “, I hereby offer these adorable yet never to be repeated if I live to be 100, Dear Jane quilt blocks:


Please leave your comment letting me know you want to be entered into the drawing, and I’ll have someone pull a name next Friday, other than DS1, who as you know, can’t actually touch anything anymore due to skin atoms.

NOTE:  The giveaway has been given– thanks for playing!



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12 responses to “Ramblings and a give-away!

  1. oh, that’s a good one about the atoms not actually touching. that’s the kind of stuff that makes you want to laugh but you can’t (at least not until later).

    and no, i don’t want your dear jane blocks. nothing personal (LOL).

    Susan wrote: no cootie shot needed if your atoms don’t touch….

  2. Sue Cahill

    Please throw my name in the hat for the blocks, they look wonderful and since I love to work on minature quilts I know I could give them a good home.

  3. Gina

    I wish that I could muster up some stick2itiveness to clean up this shop too! What a national disaster it is… I think the Atoms comment was brilliant! Just brilliant!
    Yes, I’ll do your blocks up for ya:)
    Be well

  4. Please throw (place) my name in the hat … I’ve never done a mini so maybe it’s my thing. They do look cute.

  5. Janice

    I would love to receive the blocks. It would be a jump start on the quilt. Love the story of your boys.

  6. Hey, glad to see you posting again!
    I would love to win them.


    Susan wrote: Gayle! It’s good to be posting again– and it’s sure nice to “hear” your smiling voice again!

  7. Brenda J

    Good for you with the cleaning and organizing– I’m so jealous!

    I’d love to win the blocks– I’ll never make the big quilt, but could do a mini to remember my friend by.

  8. gogirlracing

    Hello. great block! Love the story about the “skin atoms”…LOL

    I’d love to win your blocks! as a quilter in the Philippines, I don’t have access to US quilt books and fabric. I would be grateful to have your “Dear Jane” blocks and make them into a quilt.

    Jenny from Manila

  9. Hi Susan,
    I promise not to send you what is on the floor of my studio if you promise not to send me those blocks.

    Susan wrote: Lynn, these blocks are older than the CQC! Although I admire the teeny blocks, I never could bring myself to make any more. Fortunately, they have resided in a nice clean box all these years.
    Now, what’s on your studio floor? Knowing you, it’s something interesting….!

  10. Lynn Dykstra

    After I wrote that I wondered, “does Susan still get my humor?” It could have really been taken as a crass comment.
    Ah, no need to worry, you are still as warped as I am.
    Off to the big expo at Rosemont tomorrow. I’ll see what I can’t live without. First on my list is to buy the leather repair kit from that booth with slashed leather skirts. Somehow, punctures have appeared in our furniture with no one knowing how it possibly could have happened. Some of those atoms things going on here too.

  11. I would love to win your blocks Susan but I had rather win your Civil War prints. Oh, those aren’t included? Just kidding.

  12. Tracy

    Your Dear Janes are just darling. They would certainly be welcome in my home! 🙂

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