And the winner is….

The winner of my Dear Jane blocks is….. Janice!

I held a very proper drawing, complete with hand written names on scraps of paper and a certified name picker.  The boys are eager to hold more drawings, as they enjoyed being the ones in charge (don’t they realize that they’re always in charge?  I’m just along for the ride…)  So congratulations to Janice–we expect to see photos of the completed quilt!

I apologize for the boring nature of this blog lately.  But since a blog is supposed to be an online diary, and my life has been pretty boring lately, what with the painting of the house and all, well, I just don’t have a lot to say!

I am working on a customer’s quilt, and it is looking fab!  She has given me permission to post photos here, so when I pull it off of my machine, I’ll show you what I’ve been up to this week. Yes, I make sure I get all the paint off my hands before I touch the silk quilt!!

I’ve also been reading several blogs lately that include lists.  I am an avid list maker, and it never occurred to me to post my lists.  But maybe if I make the list public, I’ll be more productive.  Nothing like airing your faults to the world to keep you in line!

To Do (between now and the end of the weekend):

  • finish Nancy’s quilt
  • over-dye the fabric sitting in a pile in my studio
  • dye some more fabric for flower appliques
  • get some fabric rusting
  • take photos of more bracelets and scarves for my etsy shop

To Do (next week):

  • quilt 2 quilts for Carol
  • load etsy photos
  • contact my ISP and get my email back up and running
  • re-organize my website to reflect the etsy shop

Of course, this is all predicated on my kids, as do seem to have a way of messing with my daily plans!  Oh well– they are my first priority; gotta keep them fed and watered!

Back to the studio I go– I have a big to-do list (and the masters of the house are finally off to school!)

Bye for now!



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3 responses to “And the winner is….

  1. If the boys are so anxious to have another drawing, why don’t you have a contest to see who wants to keep them entertained for the summer?

    Susan wrote: Lora, I imagine that I’d never have another blog reader again, if I were to stoop to that kind of torture, er, I mean, contest!!

  2. Diane F

    Esty shop, HHHMMMM, I think I must go investigate. I am assuming and I hate to do that, Wild onion has something to do with the name of your esty shop.

  3. You sure are one busy lady! It’s cute how your boys like to be involved. Let us know how Etsy does for you.

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