Quilt photos!

Before I began my weekend, I posted a list of work I wanted to accomplish by Monday. I have always kept lists but posting them for the world to see was a new concept for me! I didn’t mind if you saw the list, it was the thought of owning up to the lack of cross-offs that kept me hopping all weekend! I had quite a hefty weekend to-do list, but I did get through quite a few of the items. Thanks for keeping me busy!

Here is the original list, crossed off and commented on appropriately!

  • finish Nancy’s quilt I was able to finish quilting this beauty this morning, took photos, and took it to UPS for overnight delivery.
  • over-dye the fabric sitting in a pile in my studio I dyed fabric like a maniac for much of the afternoon Sunday. I didn’t finish all of the fabric because I ran out of tubs. I did try a few new tricks I learned online and through some dye books. I’ll share photos and tips and
  • sites in an upcoming post!
  • dye some more fabric for flower appliques ditto the above comment!
  • get some fabric rusting I’ve got a couple of yards of fabric happily rusting away. The weather is even cooperating– it warmed up considerably today. I also found some fabric in a zip bag that is kind of goopy looking. I think I wrapped the fabric around some pineapple slices to see what would happen. I might be afraid to open this bag…. I’ll let you know if I gather up the courage. First, I should probably don a haz-mat suit….
  • take photos of more bracelets and scarves for my etsy shop well, like I said, I tried to get it all done… These bracelets are tough to phototgraph. I did make a stab at it, and I’ll keep trying!

My loveliest accomplishment was finishing Nancy’s quilt. For those of you who don’t know, one of the hats I wear is as a professional longarm quilter. A longarm quilting machine is like a stretch limousine sewing machine– a domestic sewing machine has a 9 inch throat, my machine has a 30 inch throat. It sits on wheels atop a 12 foot x 4 foot table. I can pin an unquilted top and back to the table and quilt the top by moving the machine over the fabric instead of moving the fabric under the machine. It’s wonderful! My machine’s name is Phoebe.

You can find me in my studio, quilting for customers on any given day. Recently, Nancy sent me a beautiful silk quilt she had embroidered. Nancy is the owner of Sew Slip, a company which manufactures a slick surface to make free-motion sewing a breeze. Luckily for me, she likes me to quilt her large quilts!

Here are some photos of the finished quilt, all done freehand, with some freehand ruler work.

Above is a photo of almost the full quilt– I couldn’t get the side scalloped borders in the frame. Any wobbliness of the quilt is due to the wind, not quilt issues!

This is a closer view of the center panel. I have to say bravo to all you quilters who make cross hatching seem so effortless. Take my word for it– cross hatching is tough!!

Here’s a closer view of the outer border, which Nancy will cut into scalloped edges. The shadow at the lower left is my camera hand. Notice the elegantly lifted pinky finger! We are nothing if not elegant here at Wild Onion Studio!

This is a close up of one of the beautiful embroidered motifs from the outer cream panel. The large pink flower is trapuntoed. Can you see it? In person, it’s beautiful!

Look for the quilt in person this weekend at the Seven Sisters quilt show in San Luis Obispo, CA and again at the International Quilt Festival in Long Beach, CA. Nancy is a busy lady, and I’m sure this quilt will travel to many more shows around the country!



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8 responses to “Quilt photos!

  1. Your quilting is beautiful!!

  2. Jan Thompson

    What a beautiful quilt – you both did a wonderful job. I like the fills you put in the swags!

  3. Gina

    Divine! Cant wait to see it this week end!
    Hope you are doing well,

  4. Love the quilting! Beautiful!

  5. Beautiful as usual. I’ll look for it this weekend.

  6. carlafibers

    Awesome, Susan!!! Your quilting is grooviliscious!!

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