Black altered tee

I don’t usually go to tag sales, because I always buy stuff, and truly, I have enough stuff. But my friend and walking partner, Cindy, told me that there was a great yard sale with a pasta machine, and didn’t I want to make lovely fresh pasta for my Italian husband? (Well, no, not really. Love the guy and all, but can’t I just buy boxed pasta like the rest of the Italians?)

But, off I go to the yard sale. Dragged DS2, who got $5 to spend. He haggled on some snap together plastic roads that came stuffed into a huge plastic garbage bag. Oh, goody. More stuff, made of plastic.

Oh, sorry. Back to me.

Anyway, I bought some books for the boys, and some great tee shirts! They were ginormous teenage boy shirts– the kind that are black with aggressive graphics, so big they hang down to your knees…Perfect for a little altered art!

Here’s what I started with: black-tee-before.jpg

I needed to address the fit, first.  I generally lay the ginormous tee flat, then lay a favorite tee on top of it.  Then, I trace around the tee with the nice fit.  You can see from the above photo how I traced off a tee whose fit suits me. I use school chalk to mark everything from clothing to quilts.

black-altered-tee-cut-up.jpgHere I’ve chopped the tee up– this is the front!

black-altered-tee-ready-for-sleeves.jpgWaiting for sleeves. I am not a trained seamstress, so I’m eyeballing those sleeves. I used the original sleeve as a pattern for a newly added fabric sleeve with lettering.  The fabric came from a thrifted pillow sham!

I received a serger sewing machine for my birthday (thanks again, Mommy!) I used it to sew all the seams together. It took me longer to figure out the threading than it did to sew. Now that I’ve got the threading under control, this is one machine that will get a lot of use! It’s so fast! ZOOOOOOM!

black-altered-tee-neckline.jpgI cut the neckline into a roundy feminine shape, then serged the edge, thinking I would turn it under. I know that I need to fiddle with the tension and that’s why the neckline is so ruffly, but I like it! It stays as is, a serendipitous bit of serging.

Those graphics! I like them, but they are a bit aggressive!  Somehow, I never realized what the graphic was until I had the tee flat on the floor and I was looking through the camera’s view finder!  GRRRRR,  incisor man!

black-altered-tee-face.jpgblack-altered-tee-cu-crown.jpg I know– tame them with flowers!

black-altered-tee-full-finished.jpgThe finished tee!

So that I look as cute leaving a room as I did when I entered:

a touch of whimsey for the back of the tee: black-altered-tee-back-done.jpg



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6 responses to “Black altered tee

  1. Diane F

    Susan, I love the t-shirt and the skirt. Dang it anyway, I had that magazine in my hand the other day and put it back! Well back to the store I will go!

  2. The flowers are a good touch. Why do we think of skulls as being masculine? Half of them are female.

    Susan wrote: Good point, Lynn! My skulls are now officially female!

  3. Those are still really scary incisor women, even though attractively accesorized. Love your new shirt!

  4. You are definetly stylish Susan.

  5. carlafibers

    You are such a fashion statement, Susan!! LOve your tutorial!

    Say… where do those incisors hit when you put in on?? LOL
    Susan wrote: Someone found my blog yesterday by searching with the word “boobage”. I hope they weren’t disappointed by what they found, seeing as how there is a lack of boobage here at Wild Onion! That said, the incisors hit below the boobage area! hee hee!!

  6. I like the shirt so much better now! Nice altered job!

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