Another comfort quilt

I am in the unenviable position of posting another comfort quilt. This one is for a dear friend who will begin chemotherapy this week. She is a beloved member of our community, and I’ve had the privilege of knowing her since high school (although we didn’t become true friends until we had both moved from Chicago to our small town in California!)

This quilt was conceived as a journal quilt. By that, I mean that I have left large swathes of lightly quilted, solid fabric so that many well-wishers can write directly onto the quilt’s border. Hopefully, the many sayings will provide her with comfort and smiles while she undergoes her treatment. The quilt is truly a labor of love by many hands, and I hope it will provide my friend with all the love and support she deserves.

Here is an overview of the quilt:

This is a community of loving friends and family, and we do heart our girl:

The blocks are pretty straightforward with fairly light quilting. I wanted to allow room for my friend’s children (and husband) to continue to journal on their mom’s quilt.

Her children and husband provided hand prints in the shape of a heart:

Her hand prints form a butterfly:

The hand prints and text were printed/stamped using acrylic paint in seafoam green and royal blue.  I loosely pulled both colors onto my brush and smoothed the brush over the participants’ hands/stamps.  This gave the paint a mottled, hand dye look, which I think gives more depth and interest within the design.

I did purchase fabric for the front blocks; instead, when I got home, I pulled fabric from my stash to use instead!  I used some of the new fabric to make a tote for the quilt.  This has a pocket for the Zig Micro pens, in case she wants to journal on the quilt during treatment, or while sitting waiting for an appointment to begin.  The soft cotton tote can be used as a pillow, with the comforter as the pillow “stuffing”.

The back of the quilt is a seafoam green toile printed polar fleece, which is cozy and soft. Polar fleece has the advantage of being light weight yet warm. For quilting purposes, the fleece allowed me to forgo a batting. I was able to quilt lightly, without the worry that any batting would be shifting or bunching.

The borders are a solid colored seafoam green cotton, very lightly quilted. We are having a coffee and muffin get together so that all the many well-wishers can have an opportunity to journal on the borders.  (** note added post coffee get together:  I couldn’t get WordPress to upload the photos for this post last night, so I am happy to report that a steady stream of visitors have added lovely text to the outer border.  I asked everyone to kiss their signatures, just for some added love.)

On a practical note: often, when a loved one is in need of dinners, driving, or other help, the burden of scheduling help falls on the shoulders of a caretaker or special friend. To the rescue is Lotsa Helping Hands.

From their website: Lotsa Helping Hands is a simple, immediate way for friends, family, colleagues, and neighbors to assist loved ones in need. It’s an easy-to-use, private group calendar, specifically designed for organizing helpers, where everyone can pitch in with meals delivery, rides, and other tasks necessary for life to run smoothly during times of medical crisis, end-of-life caring, or family caregiver exhaustion. It’s also a place to keep these ‘circles of community’ informed with status updates, photo galleries, message boards, and more.

Should you or someone you know need to organize care of this kind, this site is a blessing!



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6 responses to “Another comfort quilt

  1. What a lovely quilt – I am sure it will encourage your friend on her journey. You have put so much thought into all aspects of it. You are a dear friend to her and her family. God bless you all.

  2. This is such a lovely gesture and will help your friend through her treatment, it means so much to know people are thinking of you when going through something like this.

  3. Eleanor is so fortunate to have a friend like you and to be able to wrap herself in the love and good wishes of her friends and loved ones through your creativity and generosity.

  4. It is a lovely quilt and I’m sure it will bring much strength and comfort to your friend. I wish her the best and hope she wins her fight!

  5. It’s beautiful Susan and I’m sure will bring much comfort to your friend. I hope your friend does well on her treatments.

  6. I know your friend will love her quilt. I just wanted to add that I have made fleece backed quilts that also had a batting and that they weren’t at all too thick, but instead were extra soft and warm (I used a warm & natural batt) (made several for friends & family in Canada, thus the need for extra warmth!)

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