Stinging nettles

Good Golly what I do for my blog readers!  Just now, I made a new green smoothie concoction with STINGING NETTLES!!  And I’m actually drinking it (while alternately scratching my stinging hands).

I was pleasantly surprised by the number of you all who responded positively to my green confession!  I am continuing on with my green recipes, as I have made several different concoctions that are quite yummy.

First up is an all green (no fruit) recipe:  1/2 avocado, 1/2 peeled cuke, juice of one lemon, greens (I used chard and kale).  It was good, but got better when I added an over ripe pear!

Next, my new favorite:  2 frozen bananas (when my bananas get over ripe, I peel them and toss them in the freezer.  My boys eat them like popsicles.), juice of 1 lime (I added the zest, too, but it made the smoothie bitter.  Unless I got overzealous and got some pith with my zest. hmmmm), greens, and a bit of water to help everything grind up.  As Rachel Ray says, Yummo!

Back to the stinging nettles.  I made the smoothie with 2 frozen bananas, juice of 1 lemon (no zest), some water, a bunch (a good handful of stems– I only used the leaves though, hence the stinging hands from picking off the leaves.  Why didn’t I use gloves?  Because I just now thought of it.  DUH!)

It tastes delicious.  Kind of citrus-y and new mown hay-y, with a little sweet.  I generally dislike sweet drinks, and I’ve never liked smoothies made with bananas– too sweet for me.  These green guys are, imo, perfect with bananas– it’s the perfect light touch of sweet.

OK.  My tongue feels kind of zing-y.  Is that the stinging?  Are my insides stinging, too?  Or am I being a hypochondriac?  After I post this, I’m going to do a search on stinging nettles.  What possessed me?  Well, the farmer’s market lady was pleased that I was going to eat them…. so at least she’s happy!

Now, on another subject, but along the same lines…  do any of you watch Hell’s Kitchen on tv?  (yes, I watch terrible junky tv! It’s fun!)  Last night, one of the chef’s cut off the tip of his thumb (by accident.)  Although there were a few seconds of searching for the tip, they never showed whether they found it.  Unless I was too busy grossing out at that point and I missed them holding the finger bit aloft… and out of the food.  Please.  I’m asking you politely, with a stinging tongue.  Did they find it?  Or did it stay in the prosciutto?  Will I ever be able to eat prosciutto again?  Will my tongue ever stop tingling?  Stay tuned!


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9 responses to “Stinging nettles

  1. Diane F

    OK, I just finished green smoothy #1 and will be making one of those again! Thanks for introducing me to this!

  2. What in the world possessed you to use stinging nettles? EEEE GADS! I don’t think they ever found the fingertip. EEEWWWEEE

  3. So a lemon is no longer a fruit? 🙂

    Susan wrote: oops! I suppose I was thinking about no sweet fruit, like banana or berry. Chalk up the mistake to my tingling tongue distraction!

  4. Oh, and sorry to comment twice, but of course they make wine from stinging nettles, too.

  5. warden says : I absolutely agree with this !

  6. carlafibers

    Did you pick them yourself, Dear Susan??

    So, when are you going to try miracle fruit??

  7. dawn

    Susan, I watch Hell’s Kitchen and if they did find the tip of his finger they never showed it. eewwee

  8. Anne

    I live near the ocean…so when I read stinging nettles I naturally thought of jellyfish. My dad grew up on the Chesapeake Bay, and I grew up calling the ones in the water there what my relatives did – stinging nettles. I could not imagine making a smoothie with them as an ingredient. I’m so relieved that you’re using the PLANT!

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