Finally, some fiber content that you don’t have to eat! Tyvek art

It’s been forever since I’ve posted something fiber related– that didn’t begin with “wash a bunch of kale leaves”! I’ve been meaning to share this new art piece, and just never got around to it.

The piece is part of a series I’ve begun, based upon my fall trip to Italy. While there, I was inspired by all the rusty, decomposing doors, tiles, and gates (texture-laaaaaa!). Not long after my return home, I participated in Fibervision’s art show at a gallery in Santa Barbara. The show featured fiber art based upon the artist’s interpretation of a photograph. (aside: It was a spectacular show, and I was very excited to be a part of it! Our next show will be at the Cabrillo Art Pavillion, again in Santa Barbara, in October.)

Here is the photo I took at a castle in San Marino– roof tiles.

Here is my full piece (photo courtesy of the amazing Judy Rys— thanks again, Judy!) The title is Umbria: Roof I:

The piece measures only 17″ x 20″, pretty small for me. It also has (gasp!!) HAND QUILTING stitches! Admittedly, they are randomly placed scatter stitches (I think this type of stitching has a name, but I have no idea what it is!) It was refreshing to work by hand, for the first time in a loooong time.

Here’s the breakdown of the parts:

  • The background is a commercial batik, stitched with a muted hued, variegated thread from Valdani.
  • The “tiles” are individually created fiber pieces, made of hand dyed cotton, silk, cheesecloth, baby wipes, dryer sheets, and painted tyvek.
  • beads, both commercial and hand-made from painted tyvek knots. Oh– and a wrapped washer. Said washer was discovered on the floor of my studio under a bit of fallen fabric, and I wrapped it up in some ribbon and called it art!
  • rusted, overdyed lace as a frame.
  • rusted, overdyed silk wrapped lollipop sticks with wire/beads.

Keep reading my blog for some tutorials about tyvek! I’ve shared some close up photos of the work, plus some how-to photos I took. I was inspired by the process, and have begun to add more ideas to my journal for future projects!



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2 responses to “Finally, some fiber content that you don’t have to eat! Tyvek art

  1. Beautiful piece Susan. I’m glad I got to spend some time examining it. Looking forward to finding out how you made it.

  2. Awesome, Susan. I look forward to the next post.

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