More tyvek experiments

Here are some more examples of my Tyvek experiments. First up is a pin-tuck square.

I started with painted Tyvek, then layered on some dyed cheese cloth. I took this combo to my sewing machine and proceeded to sew in small, parallel pin tucks:

I took it back to my cutting board, and cut it up at random angles. If you’ve ever made a slice and dice type quilt block, you are familiar with this technique. If you aren’t following what I’m talking about, study the photo where the pin tucked pieces are re-assembled, and you will hopefully understand what I did.

Don’t forget to start with a much larger square to accomodate the amount of “yardage” you’ll lose not only to the pin tucks, but also to the seam allowances for the random angles.

Here’s what the resulting square looks like:

It’s interesting, but needs some more work before I’ll use it.

Another experiment that I plan to use in a fiber piece was accomplished by weaving in a grid. First, I created a frame using a cut apart wire hanger (see, Mommy Dearest, wire hangers are good!) I created a warp and weft by wrapping the wire frame with ribbon:

Into this, I wove yarn, fabric strips, and painted Tyvek strips in a random pattern:

Out came my trusty hot air gun, and ZAP! I like the resulting texture, even though it didn’t belong in my roof tile piece. Below is the zapped grid:

Below is a close up of the above zapped grid:

One final Tyvek experiment was working with knots! I cut strips of painted Tyvek, and made simple knots. Some strips were long enough for one knot, some got two knots. One strip had some ribbon knotted into it.

Again, the strips got zapped, and the results got added to some of the roof “tiles”.



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3 responses to “More tyvek experiments

  1. carlafibers

    Love your experimentations, Susan! Be sure to wear a mask!

  2. Way cool, makes me want to try some.

  3. b

    What fun ideas. I seem to be missing a couple “after” pictures, i.e. after zapping on the first & third pictures. Thx, b

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