Back from vacation

…and what a fun time we had!

Usually, we use our vacation time to go to New York to visit with DH’s family (my mother has always enjoyed visiting us in Southern CA– I can’t imagine why, unless it has to do with the difference between 20 degrees below zero weather versus orange trees in bloom?)  This June, my MIL planned a trip to Atlanta, visiting my 2 BIL’s and their families. Perfect!  My family would go to Atlanta, too, and we would get to see all the nieces and a nephew in the bargain.

A fun time was had by all– the cousins get along like BFF’s, and I adore my SIL’s (my BIL’s are pretty special too– one is a terrific cook, and I’ll share his ribs recipe later on!)

DS1 and Niece2 do some fancy hair stuff– trying to stave off boredom….

….while we all wait for DH to begin his running season:

Ever the dutiful wife, I am very supportive of DH’s running schedule, even when it eats into family time.  After all, his running took us to Italy last fall, and the World Master’s Championship will be held in Finland in 2009.  I really really want to go to Finland.  Can you say Marimekko fabric?!!

Everybody go surfin’ (or to the pool, since Atlanta is not on an ocean!):

When it was time to take our leave, we detoured to my toddlin’ hometown.  I haven’t been back to Chicago (except for the 2 weeks my mom was in the hospital) since we moved to CA– 9 years!

Much has changed:  new and many more shops, Cabrini Green was officially declared a disastrous attempt at public housing and torn down,  lots of flowers planted everywhere.  It is a glorious, if somewhat yuppified, city, and I realized how homesick I’ve been.

Some things don’t change, however.  The Original House of Pancakes (the one in Wilmette was featured in the movie Ordinary People) still rules the world with the glorious and caloric Dutch Baby.  We went twice!

Unfortunately, we were only able to stay in Chicago for a very few days.  Although I was in full tour guide mode (Look!! That’s where you were born!!  Look!!  That’s where Dad and I got married!!  Look!!), the boys were more impressed with the Museum of Science and Industry.  This was my favorite museum when I was growing up, and as an adult, I can see why.  They have a terrific exhibit dedicated to cow poop (the exhibit was really dedicated to how farmers are using methane gas to power their farms; however when you are 8 and 10 and male, it’s all about the poo).  There were piles of (plastic) poop in every corner.  Ya gotta love a town with poo on display!

His Eminence Mayor Daley the Second should be proud!



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2 responses to “Back from vacation

  1. carlafibers

    So Glad you had a good time, Susan!

  2. Sounds like a great time was had by all. They say you can never go back but you can. Just in a different way.

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