Uncle Tomma’s Kick A$$ Ribs

While visiting DH’s family branch down in Atlanta, my BIL demonstrated his rockin’ good way with ribs.  As one who loves to eat, but has never been able to make, good ribs, I immediately started whining for the recipe.

In his own words, my beloved BIL’s recipe for his entirely delicious ribs:
Use pork baby back ribs. Beef ribs work, too, but pork is leaner. (note by Susan: this recipe is for dry ribs. If you like sauce-y ribs, you can follow the recipe, and add your favorite sauce to the finished ribs.)
The Slow Boil
Fill a large pot with water. Add a whole sliced onion, a couple of chopped cloves of garlic, and 3 bay leaves. Bring to a boil. Cut rib racks in half, and drop in pot. Cover and slow boil for an hour. Go watch football (note by Susan: I have inquired and you may watch a quilt show, reality tv, or Mythbusters)

The Baste
Mix equal parts of soy sauce, balsamic vinegar, and worcestershire sauce. Baste those boiled gray bastards (note by Susan: I’m telling! Tomma said a swear word!)

The Dry Rub
Mix together:

  • 6 Tbl brown sugar
  • 3 Tbl chili powder
  • 1 tsp garlic powder
  • 1 tsp onion powder
  • 1 tsp black pepper

(note by Susan:  this is a bit sweeter than I like.  I think I’ll also add some salt.)

Shake it up. Sprinkle dry rub onto basted ribs. Save a little dry rub to sprinkle on when serving. (note by Susan: this is yummy. I poured an embarrassing amount onto my plate and dipped the ribs into it on the way to my mouth)
The Smoke

  • You’ll want a ton of Hickory smoke! If you already know how to do it, great. If not, here’s what I do: my grill has left and right burners covered by a long metal radiant (note by Susan:  he means the corrugated metal thingy right on top of the gas outlets, not the grill that holds the meat). I place baseball size chunks of hickory on one side of the grill directly on the radiant, then I fire up the gas. I let the wood burn for about 10 minutes, then sprinkle water onto the burning wood. (note by Susan:  while this is fresh in my mind, I’m going to add that you need to place a good sized pile of chunks directly onto the corrugated metal thing which is UNDER the grill that holds the meat.  Leave the grill lid up, turn the gas on, and let the wood catch fire!  Turn off the gas, then sprinkle water on the wood chunks to douse the flame.  Close the lid.  Voila!  Smoke!  Now back to Tom!)
  • Add ribs to the OTHER SIDE of the grill as the hot wood is likely to flame up. This is the perfect time to crack open a cold brew and stand around feeling manly (note by Susan: or womanly, Tom, you caveman!)
  • Just be sure the smoke keeps coming. If there’s no smoke, there’s fire.
  • If your grill has large vent holes in the bottom, you might want to put some aluminum foil on the ground as ashes sometimes fall, and you certainly don’t want to incinerate Ojai (note by Susan: you got that right!)
  • Oh yeah, remember to clean out the ashes sometime in the near future.

The Pig Out
A serrated knife works best to cleanly slice the ribs from the rack. Sprinkle leftover rub on the ribs or just pour some on your plate and dip (note by Susan: figure on 3-4 ribs per adult, plus extra for lunch the next day!)



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3 responses to “Uncle Tomma’s Kick A$$ Ribs

  1. Yumm . . . I’ll have to print this out for Mike, he loves to BBQ.

  2. Thanks for the recipe Susan. Those ribs sound yummy.

  3. I am honored!

    Maybe if you’re good Ms Noel will send you her Fountain of Youth cookie recipe…


    Susan wrote: The ribs I made were not quite as good as yours– maybe we need to come back to Atlanta so you can make them for us again! As for Miss Noel’s cookie recipe– the only thing that makes them Fountain of Youth is all the baby fat I’d gain from eating the whole batch!

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