The frenzy continues

I am in a tizzy of excitement– it’s one short week until I get to go to Houston in Long Beach! I am thrilled to see this show– quilts, thread, mixed media, wearable art! It has also been pointed out to me that I might be a tad excited to have adult conversation for 5 days… yes, Lora, you’re right!! Pack your earplugs, ’cause I’m revving up to chat!

I stayed pretty focused today. Here’s the to-do list from yesterday:

  1. finish Melody’s quilt
  2. bind Melody’s quilt DONE!!
  3. shorten blinds in DH’s room hanging up, all nice and short
  4. dye some fabric– not yet– ***see below
  5. check on my rusting fabric– is it ready to overdye??? This is still “cooking”. It’s really taking a long time. It may not make it to the show. Darn!
  6. keep my hands off of the applique I only looked at it, promise!

In addition, I bought my seed beads. There’s a lovely shop in town with all kinds of art supplies.  They had a nice selection of seed beads– I bought 2 packs.  A burgundy-ish pack, and a green pack… because you never know which color you’ll feel like on class day!

Last night, as I was stuffing more patterns (while watching “Flipping Out”– love that one!) I  realized that I was short 100 instruction sheets for my Wild Onion Jacket pattern. I admit that I tossed and turned over this. Until I realized that I could probably get the extra sheets printed here in town. I did just that–today! They even folded them for me for an extra $3. A well spent $3, I might add! So tonight, while I watch Kathy Griffin (I think she’s the world’s funniest human being, although I realize she’s got a major potty mouth and her humor is definitely not for everyone! But– I loves her, I do!) I will finish stuffing these last 100 patterns.

And, because I seem to be bordering on manic (although if you talk to Lynn, Carla, Suzanne, or Sherry, they will tell you that I am always like this.  And they are all sworn to secrecy about what my brain does at shows… which spills over to my hotel room… which impacts my roomies….Lora? Mary? Linda? Quit reading this!) Ahem. Because I had a tad bit of free time after dinner, I also started a new purse for the show.

**** Ok, about the hand-dyed fabric. I have been doing some dyeing in 4 yard increments, for people who want to make a wholecloth Wild Onion Jacket using my hand dyed fabric. I dye fairly complex fabrics; there is a lot of texture and many colors involved. I have a warm brown, a turquoise/brown/grey (think April Cornell/Amy Butler),  a colorway I call peacock– turquoise, blue, green, purple– and a green length.  I think I’d like to do 2 more 4-yard colorways, but I thought I’d put it to you all to give me some color shout-outs.  If you were to wear hand-dyed fabric, what colorway would you wear?  Pinks?  Oranges?  Blues?

Now. These posts have been a bit dreary, so I’ll leave you with some eye candy. My friend Nancy Hepp of Sew Slip (very cool product that you put down on your sewing machine bed to assist your machine quilting!) emailed me yesterday.  She had read my to-do list, and was concerned that I had to make two jackets for my demonstration.   She actually offered to loan me HER Wild Onion Jacket so that I wouldn’t have to make two for the show–isn’t she a doll?!!  She let me know that she will be vending at the show, and her beautiful embroidered quilt will be hanging in her Sew Slip booth! I haven’t seen it since it left my studio, and I can’t wait to see what it looks like with binding on! Here it is, quilted and trapunto’ed but unbound:

This is all embroidered on silk.  Her work is very yummy, and I had a lot of fun quilting for her.  See you next week, Nancy!

And now, to bed!  Good night!!



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3 responses to “The frenzy continues

  1. I’ve been really tired this week…I wasn’t sure why, but this morning, I’m suspicious that it is your to do list that’s causing it…a subconscious thing… 😉
    I think I would be more likely to wear the blue colors.

  2. Doreen Kinkade

    Blues. I also think turquoise/rust colored type might be interesting. I think I had better bring you a protein bar at the show cause sounds like you might be really tired with all the work you are doing in preparation for it. I can’t wait!!

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