the list gets a mite bit smaller

…but just a mite.

This morning, I finally, finally went over to my friend Sherry’s to learn how to do her applique technique. This woman is a master of applique. She has been telling me how to do it via phone calls for a few years… but I needed to see it. Within 10 minutes, my (quilt) world shifted! Tra laaaaaa– I can applique!

Sherry doesn’t have a blog, but I am currently trying to wear her down– she should make an applique DVD, as well as sell patterns. She is very very very good. Her students thinks she walks on water, and I admit to checking the floor for puddles!

Think I’m exaggerating? Check this:

my poorly-executed-but-took-a-long-time-and-caused-my-blood-pressure-to-spike attempt to prep some applique (the old Susan way):

I used to (back in the old days!) draw my shape onto a piece of interfacing, then sew the fabric wrong sides together with the interfacing, slit the interfacing down the center, turn the whole thing inside out, then sew it all down onto the background fabric. Look at the curves with points! Look at the interfacing peeking out of the innie curves! This was going to be a major headache to applique and I knew it! It’s been a UFO for a while, and it’s been weighing me down, because I really want to finish this piece!

And, hold on to your hats– prepped the new (Sherry) way:

Flat. Curves without points. No interfacing. No tracing. No tedium. FLAT!!! CURVY!!!

Here are some side by side comparisons– can you imagine the bruises my jaw has on the bottom from dropping to the floor all morning?

BTW– it takes all of a few minutes to accomplish each piece. Minutes!! I am thrilled beyond tears, and have a zillion ideas flowing around in my head. As Lynn says to me all the time (appropos of NOTHING, I tell ya!)… “Susan…. shiny objects?”

On to my to-do list:

  1. I learned how to applique!
  2. I loaded and began quilting Melody’s quilt. I’m halfway finished!


  1. finish Melody’s quilt
  2. bind Melody’s quilt
  3. shorten blinds in DH’s room (not on the list, but he’s bugging the ahem out of me to do this)
  4. dye some fabric
  5. check on my rusting fabric– is it ready to overdye???
  6. keep my hands off of the shiny object applique


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8 responses to “the list gets a mite bit smaller

  1. carieshields

    Oh my goodness, what a difference on the applique. I would love to learn her technique, as I have a quilt I’m working on that is screaming for applique. I haven’t done much and what I’ve done is fair at best. Please let us know if she publishes anything. Maybe you could get her to do an online class???

  2. Doreen Kinkade

    Wow, Love your applique. I’m interested if she has online classes.

  3. Wow! I’m definitely impressed. I need these lessons. Where does your friend live???? LOL
    Take care and happy appliquing! I think I spelled that right.

  4. I am interested to know about her technique too. Does she use a kind of standard one? You know, like spray starch on the edges then iron, or what?


  5. Me too I want to learn to do this too PLEASE!!!

  6. Christina

    Beautiful applique technique. I have been with you in the angular with stuffing/backing issues club. lol. I hope you and your friend Sherry will share!
    😀 – Christina

  7. Christine Olson

    Yes, do share! (If it’s not a trade secret, that is.) Does it involve card stock and thread? Freezer paper? Needles? Any hints? 🙂

  8. Christine Olson

    Oops! Forgot to add…PLEASE!!! 😉

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