Today’s doings

Here’s today’s to-do list. I can see it getting more and more manageable, and I have to tell you that posting it like this has been completely helpful. Although it’s got to be boring you all to tears. I’m going to check my blog stats– I’ll bet they’ve dropped to zero! If you scroll down to the bottom of the post, there’s some pictures to look at….

Either the fact that the list is public, and thus keeps me on task (can’t get distracted by shiny objects when you’ve got a public accounting to reckon!) or the act of corralling my thoughts and daily action by writing it down is keeping me on task.  It could also be that any list would accomplish this focus; although I am an inveterate list-maker, the notebooks I use for my list-making seem to get “borrowed” (for video game “cheats”, or cartoons featuring the ever-monstrous “BROTHER”, etc).  Since my computer stays put, and the boys can’t overwrite my blog, perhaps it’s just the simple fact of a list that stays put and visible!

While I can’t say what is working about this list-making, I do know that I will try this again next time I’m swamped. Be forewarned. Or maybe I’ll forewarn you; if you see another post title with “to-do” in it, you can click on through….

Anyway. Today’s tasks include:

  1. pull together class supplies: more beads and baubles from my stash
  2. pack patterns into carrying box (note:  I forgot that Kathy is on TONIGHT.  Last night was–cue angelic humming– the first night of Project Runway.  No pattern-stuffing was done during that sacred time!)
  3. finish new purse (photos to come later — hey, I gotta keep you all coming back here somehow… these lists can’t be all that compelling!)
  4. dye more fabric
  5. finish rusting fabric– crossing my fingers. If it’s rusted, overdye it.
  6. sign up for serger class through Wearable Art Connection Done!  I love it that I got something struck off the list before I even published the list!  Wow, am I efficient or what?!!
  7. call hotel re: coffee maker. Call other hotel re: how many beds are in the room
  8. load disolvable film and make trapped fiber appliques
  9. create groovy sample using trapped fiber appliques– a bag? a tee shirt or sweater?

List of odds and ends to pack for classes:

  1. scissors (fabric and paper)
  2. eyeglasses (when I’m tired, I wear correctional glasses.  Now that I’m well past a certain age, I now sometimes need  magnifiers.  Because I didn’t need magnification when I got my original eyeglass prescription, the correctional glasses don’t work well enough alone for reading or detail work when my eyes are tired.  As you can imagine, I look so purty with 2 pairs on my nose!)
  3. muslin
  4. tray (box top lined with felt)
  5. needles/beading thread

Yesterday, I received the new Altered Couture magazine in the mail. I’m not sure if it’s on the stands yet… I got it early because I’m in it (again! One day, I might be blase about being published. But not yet!) Anyway, I don’t have a feature article this time, but I do have 2 wearable pieces in the gallery sections. One is this hoody:

It used to belong to DS1. I stole it one cold morning, to wear in my studio. I realized that it had seen better days– there were mysterious stains and fading bits. I put it out on my table (shiny object) and started pulling out floral fabric, and collage parts, and paint, and the next thing you know, I had altered it! The text is my big line from a French play I was in back in 6th grade. It reads (in French): I’d like to go into the woods to look for some pretty flowers. I really like the striped hem. I’m not fond of ribbing at my hips, so after I chopped off the sweatshirt ribbing, I added the cotton to reference typical ribbing!

And the other is this long-sleeved tee:

The tee began with the cap sleeved banana tee. I pawed through my stash of clothing to alter, and found the Cheerios tee and the monkey tee:

I wanted long sleeves; the back of the Cheerio tee provided just enough fabric for a long sleeve. I embellished the sleeve with the Cheerio motif cut from the front of that tee. I further embellished with primitive stitching done with embroidery floss.

The other sleeve came from the back of one of DH’s track meet tees– you know the kind, with all of the sponsors listed. I sewed the monkey motif onto the front, because monkeys and bananas seem to go together. I had to elongate the tee because my torso is about 8 feet long; I used more of DH’s track tee, topstitching this around and around with black thread in a primitive style.

At the end, I was unhappy with the starkness of the black cap sleeves. So I pulled out some yellow paint and a curlique stamp and went to town! There you have it– a banana tee!  Now, quite talking to me, I have lots of work to do!  (well, don’t quite talking altogether.  I won’t be dyeing fabric until later this afternoon, so if you want to weigh in on some color choices for the 4-yard lots, please do so!  Thanks!)



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3 responses to “Today’s doings

  1. congrats on being in Altered Couture, that’s awesome!

  2. Erin

    I love the t-shirt!!
    Now I wont pass up those “memory lane” t-shirts
    I see at the thrift stores..
    You have given me great inspiration!

    (plus I adore the monkey-thats what I call my son)
    thanks! E

  3. Ellen

    I try making lists then lose the list. So kudos to you for being succesful at having a list. I do like the online aspect makes it harder to lose. Hard for me to do as no internet at home. I have to use Wi Fi sites but still something to think on. Thanks. I”m enviouse if your doing that much in a day.

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