Day is done

Well, the day is over, and I’m not sure I have too much to show for it.  I definitely think posting a list at the beginning of the day pushes me to accomplish more.

Today, I washed and washed and washed my hand dyes– over 15 yards!  I also made tags, and began adding them to each piece.  I don’t fold each piece exactly the same– I like to show off the color variations and textures, so I try to go for maximum wow on each piece.  I also think that if you are going to plunk down your cash to buy my fabric, you should see a good representation of the hand-dye variation.  For that reason alone, I think it’s worth spending the extra time to fold the fabric creatively.  This is taking a very long time, and I’m not yet convinced that I will become a millionaire by selling fat quarters.  I’d like to see how my bigger yardage is received– if customers want hand dye to make wholecloth Wild Onion Jackets, that would be worth the effort.

What else did I do?  I know I spent a fair amount of time online, answering my emails.  I poked around some blogs for the first time this week.  However, I was off the computer by 11am.

I think really most of the day was spent washing the fabric.  I also overdyed some fabric.  Oh, yeah.  I ironed the 15 yards of fabric and trimmed it.  Aha.  That’s what took up so much of my day.

Here’s yesterday’s to do list:

  1. pull together class supplies: more beads and baubles from my stash
  2. pack patterns into carrying box I stuffed the patterns.  Now I need to band them together in dozens.  Put them all into a box, and done!
  3. finish new purse– I have a pretty good handle (no pun intended) on this.  Think it might get finished tomorrow!
  4. dye more fabric– OY!  MORE?????
  5. finish rusting fabric– crossing my fingers. If it’s rusted, overdye it.  (note:  I’ve given up for next week.)
  6. load disolvable film and make trapped fiber appliques
  7. create groovy sample using trapped fiber appliques– a bag? a tee shirt or sweater?

Tomorrow, I need to add some painting duties to my list:

  1. paint boys’ room ceiling
  2. paint trim molding

I apologize for the lack of photos.  I really will try to take some tomorrow.  I appreciate your hanging around, and you deserve some photographic rewards!



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2 responses to “Day is done

  1. That’s all well and good but where is the PHOTO of the dyed fabric Missy?

  2. Susan, I dyed 8 yards Sunday, 12 yards Monday, 20 yards Tuesday and it’s all waiting to be pressed and cut! LOL Amazing the time it takes for that part of it!!!!

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