finally, photos!

Didja miss my whinging to-do posts this weekend?

That’s because I had so much to do that I had no time to whine to you!  I got a ton of stuff done, but only because I worked from 6:30am until 10:30pm both days.  Sympathy, please!

Some of what I accomplished was more hand-dyed yardage.  I think I’ll spare you my to do list, and just post some eye candy.  You deserve it– you’ve been very patient with me, lately!

If you plan to be at the IQA show in Long Beach (aka Houston in Long Beach) stop by Cranberry Quiltworks’ booth (#1009) and you can pet the fabric for yourself!  As always, the colors are so much more vibrant in person.

The final photo is some Kaufman commercial print that I overdyed.  Why I only bought 2 yards is beyond me– I love it!!



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4 responses to “finally, photos!

  1. Awesome fabrics but my favorite is the turquoise/brown one second from last. Yummy!!

  2. Beautiful fabrics Susan.

  3. Dahn

    That Kaufman fabric is GORGEOUS! I am mad over it! Now I bet you can’t get any more, right?? 🙂

  4. Rockin' Rats

    Just butifull!! I think my favorites are the top and the second to last. I know this post is ages old, but your blog’s addicting!! (Some of it anyway….) I wish I was as productive as you with my lists, and I don’t have hard or time consuming things to do. Most of the time my lists consist of under ten things!!!!

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