Wild Onion Jacket demonstrations

Warning: blatant advertising plug! Softened with some cool quilting photos!

Here’s the 411 on the Wild Onion Jacket demonstrations I will give at the IQA show in Long Beach, CA (aka Houston in Long Beach) this coming week. If you want to see the Wild Onion Jacket in person, see how the pattern goes together, and see some of my easy “quilter-oriented” finishing techniques, come on over!

I will be at Cranberry Quiltworks, Booth #1009 on each day:

  • Friday July 25 at 3:00 pm
  • Saturday July 26 at 11:00 am
  • Sunday July 27 at 11:00 am

I had always hoped to be discovered by Alex Anderson, so I could go on Simply Quilts and bring the Wild Onion Jacket to lots and lots of quilters who wanted to wear their art, but who hated sewing clothing. Although that isn’t possible, since the show was cancelled (grumble grumble HGTV) I kind of felt like I was preparing for her show.

Remember how the guest artist would be sewing along, and they’d go to commercial break, and miraculously when they returned, the guest would have completed something like 5 quilts in the 2 minutes they were on “break”?! Well, like those guest artists, I need to have different parts of my Wild Onion Jacket finished, so that I can demo the different techniques. I had to make 2 different jackets; now I can “sew” the different areas, hold them up to the audience, and give everyone a visual “how-to”. Cool beans!

Here are photos of the jackets I made. The first is pretty extensively quilted:

The second jacket was done in an allover I call wobbly spiral meander– this photo just shows you the quilting pattern:

I haven’t quilted on black with a variegated thread (this is a Superior Poly Quilter thread) for a long time. It is so magical to watch the quilting patterns appear in such yummy colors!

For those of you who don’t quilt, I used a longarm quilting machine, which is a very large machine on a wheeled track bed which moves freely. I quilt freehand, which means that I am moving the machine around– kind of like I’m drawing, only my “paper” is cloth, and my “pencil” is the needle and thread!



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6 responses to “Wild Onion Jacket demonstrations

  1. Carol

    Beautiful jacket, wish I could come and see you at the show

  2. The jacket is gorgeous Susan. Have a great time at the show.

  3. Love the quilting on that jacket!

  4. Great quilting. I just want to jump inside your head for a couple of hours while you’re quilting! Did you draw the shape of the jacket on your fabric before you loaded it onto the longarm to quilt?

    Susan wrote: You do not want to be inside my head– it is a very noisy place! I do draw the shape of the jacket onto my fabric before I quilt it. With my Wild Onion Jacket pattern in hand, I lay the tissue on top of the quilt/jacket sandwich (and if the jacket is pieced, the shape of the jacket is kind of obvious), then I trace around the jacket pattern directly onto the fabric. Then I can quilt away, and I know where to put quilting motifs, and where NOT to put them–no circular wreaths on the chest or tushi area!!

  5. Those are gorgeous!!

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