Home again, home again, jiggity jig

Well, Houston in Long Beach was great fun, and now it’s time to tell you about it! Disclaimer: I have a policy of not posting other artist’s work unless I have their personal permission. There’s photos of my own stuff, but not of quilts by other artists!

The show truly was Houston in Long Beach! Most of the quilts on display were exhibits from the show in Houston (except a couple of exhibits special to California). The quilts were all of such high quality– the creativity was mind-boggling! I was a bit disappointed that there was no wearable display, although, of course, some of the wearables from the Bernina Fashion Show were on display, and there was some informal modeling… while I was in a class, darn it!

Before the show officially opened, there was a day of classes offered. Mary Norton, from Fibervisions, and I took Robin Atkins’ stupendous class called Woven Treasures. It was an all day class and it was exactly what I was hoping it would be! I love when your class expectations are met; in this case, my expectations were exceeded. Robin is a very logical, thorough teacher; I always appreciate learning how to fix mistakes, and Robin gently explained how to navigate any boo-boo’s! Beads that cause you to tear out your hair were named “character building beads”– isn’t that a nice way to put it? If you are ever offered a class with Robin, I highly recommend jumping at the chance (assuming you want to learn to bead!

I got very close to finished with the tassel in class, and after dinner and a glass of wine, Mary and I were excited to finish our various beading projects. You know the teacher is good when your class learning project is so interesting that you are compelled to push through your exhaustion to finish!

Here is the tassel I freeform beaded:

Martha is Ranell Hanson’s friend– we hear about Martha from time to time, although she doesn’t live in CA. Mary and I bumped into Martha and Ranell the morning after our bead-a-thon. They were waiting for the show to open, so we entertained them with our bead show. Martha decided that my tassel would look great with her outfit, and I agreed! I loaned it to her for the day, and she looked happy to show it off for the day.

I plan to string some beads as a “chain” for the tassel, and I’ll wear it as a necklace.

Next post: Fashion shows!


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