Fashion shows at Long Beach

From one extreme to the next, I saw the Bernina Fashion Show and the Quilt Arts/Cloth Paper Scissors “Surviving the Runway Show”.

The Bernina Fashion show was… incredible, amazing, and fantastic! The amount of detail in each outfit– indeed, within any given part of each outfit– is stunning. Before attending this show, I had only seen photos of these wearables; let me tell you, if you’re looking at a photo, you’ve only skimmed the surface of the complexity each artist brings to her (or his) work! It was just mind-blowing to see the pieces in person, and realize how much work is involved in each piece. No photos were allowed; if you want to see some of the outfits, please click on the link which will take you to the official site.

The other “fashion show” I attended was the Quilt Arts/Cloth Paper Scissors show, called “Surviving the Runway”. I had no idea what I was getting myself into! Think Project Runway meets Survivor meets Cartoon Network. Each table of women, none of whom know each other, have to work together to create one outfit out of a few supplies given to us by editor Pokey Bolton. We were allowed to add anything else on the table (but no cutting up the napkins or tablecloth!). And someone had to walk the runway, wearing the outfit! Nope, it wasn’t me!! Here’s my table’s model, the very confident, good sport Lillian:

Note the “Applause” sign, which Lillian flashed, when she wasn’t in front of Pokey. When Pokey was watching, the pink sign got whipped out… because we were shameless in our hunt for a win. The pink sign reads: Pokey is the most beautiful, wonderful, creative, etc etc (did we win yet?) loving, fantastic etc etc. Due to this appeal to vanity our creativity, we were awarded Judge’s Choice.

Although each table was given some papers, scissors, glue sticks, and other ephemera, there were specialty items that had to be won (by acting like a looney-tune!). We were lucky enough to win some balloons, which of course, fit into our Southern California beach gal theme. Implants, anyone?

Lillian was a trooper, with a capital T! I saw her several times over the course of the show, and she always had a smile and an air of fun about her. I hope I get to meet her again in the future!

I leave you with one funny: the Quilt Art show happened during our lunch break from our beading class with Robin Atkins. Upon our return to planet Earth, we were trying really hard to bring our energy level down so that we could concentrate on our teeny tiny beads. Mary looked up, and said (loudly) “HEY–aren’t you the woman who just took her clothes off for the Runway show?!!”. Yes indeed, one of our beading class-mates, a very classy, subtle woman, who was beading a sophisticated, elegant bracelet had just participated in the Quilt Art show, stripping down to her bra and strutting down the runway in front of 200 strangers. She is forever known to us as “Nude-y woman”!

Stay tuned for the next post: SHOPPING treasures!!



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2 responses to “Fashion shows at Long Beach

  1. What fun! Would love to see the Bernina show, but the QA show sounds like a blast!

  2. Rockin' Rats

    Lol is all I can say for the last bit!

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