Happy Birthday, Drewbie-doo!

(OMG! I am in so much trouble if DS1 EVER sees the title to this post– moooommmm, that’s so embarrassing….)

Today is my first baby’s ELEVENth birthday! How did he get so old? How come I haven’t gotten any older?

I remember his original birthday like it was yesterday! I was due for a scheduled C-section, because of my fibroids. And I was due on the 17th, young man, NOT the 6th!! He’s a very impatient boy, and was always eager to get out into the world; his first attempt was after only 2 weeks inside. It was a long haul of a pregnancy, flat on my back for 7 months, trying to keep him inside where he could cook properly. By the time I hit 31 weeks, the doctors let me up, so that I could buy some baby supplies. I had visions of going into labor while trying to buy a car seat, but I made it to 32 weeks….

I remember lying on the gurney, talking to my mother in a panic. I was definitely NOT ready yet. In fact, DH and I thought it was a false alarm (it wasn’t– I had gone into labor and my contractions were 1 1/2 minutes apart– oh! whoopsie! should’a gone to the hospital earlier?) We had to zoom to the hospital to meet my doctor– she was getting ready for another C-section, and then she was going on vacation, so she wanted to squeeze in an exam before she got too busy! Imagine our surprise– no camera, no bag full of clothing or books, nothin’! They had me in the OR, with a spinal, and the knife poised– waiting for DH to finish parking the car!! DH made it in time, DS1 made it out safely, and here we all are, eleven years later.

I gotta tell you, he smelled a lot sweeter eleven years ago… even so, I think I’ll keep him!



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6 responses to “Happy Birthday, Drewbie-doo!

  1. and only 7 more years before you can ship him off to college and use his room for craft storage! LOL!

  2. What a sweet memory! My oldest baby boy just turned 21, and I still remember those ‘smelly’ years. He still smells some, but he’s attending college out of state so I don’t notice so much.

  3. Eleven! That’s nothing! I almost passed out on the day my daughter turned 30 – my own age became all too real that day.

    Happy birthday to the bouncing baby boy and aren’t you lucky to have know the little guy his whole life?

    Susan wrote: When my kids (age 11 and almost 9) turn 30, I’ll only be 39. I will have had them both when I was 9. It will be difficult for them when they are 40, and I am still 39. I am a medical miracle, not to mention of extreme interest to the space/time continuum!

  4. My eldest is 11 in september (she’s keeping count of days, but I can’t be bothered) so I know what you mean – can’t believe she’s that old. Or that my youngest baby is five already – where did that go? Blink and you miss it…

  5. He will be 20 before you even realise it. I had the same feeling with my kids, now they are 21, 20 and 19 and I do not feel older.
    Cherrish every moment is the motto.

  6. Happy belated birthday, Andrew!

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