Foreign intrigue and the front page

What an unusual day, yesterday!

It began with the carpet guy, installing new carpet in the hall and boys’ rooms. Last night was the first time the boys slept in their own separate rooms since the youngest got out of his crib. Around here, that fact is only awe-inspiring to me, so of course, I needed to share it with you all. Moms everywhere get those kind of significant milestones.

Anyway, the boys are happy as clams to have their own private rooms, and No, for the ninetieth time, boys,  NO LOCKS on the DOORS!! (Why do they think that they need locks? They’re in grade school, for goodness sake! It must be a boy thing).

While I was trying to look busy, yet available for question answering for the carpet guy, I thought I’d check on my email. Lo and behold, there’s an emailed comment from my blog that’s completely unintelligible to me. It doesn’t look like any language I recognize.  Lately I’ve been troubled by a lot of splogging (splogging:  when someone steals your blog content) I was kind of stern and actually, let’s be honest, really harsh in my demand request that my content be removed from her blog. And then….

I noodled around my blog stats. And there’s yet another blog or website, linking to mine, and now I’ve got like, quadrupled the amount of normal everyday traffic! Hunh! And this blog linking mine is in the same, unintelligible language. And that’s not all. There are 2 other blogs linking to me, boosting my viewer visits. It’s really nifty– and it’s all about the tee-bags that my oldest DS is selling at the Farmer’s Market!

After 2 hours of blog detecting, I figured out that:

  1. The foreign blogs are from Estonia.
  2. There are no Estonia-English online translators. At least, there were none that were working yesterday morning.
  3. DS1 now thinks he’s famous.

And is that all to this unusual day? Oh no! I find out that I am a day late and a dollar short two times over.  Not only have I missed witnessing the Perseid meteor shower by one day, but I didn’t see my own personal shot at the sun:  my hand dyed fabric was featured on the FRONT PAGE of Etsy! I missed it!  By one day!

I admit that I am not very conversant in the byways and highways of Etsy, so I didn’t know to check this kind of happening. I got a nice note from Monica, congratulating me on making the front page with one of my hand-dyed fabrics!

It was a gorgeous page (which expired this morning, so unfortunately I can’t show you), and I thank you again for putting me in such beauteous company! I’ve uploaded quite a bit more fabric:

including several 4 yard lengths that will make gorgeous, traffic-stopping wholecloth Wild Onion Jackets.

I’m just saying. In case someone in Estonia wants to blog about jackets.


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2 responses to “Foreign intrigue and the front page

  1. I had a lot of links to my site recently too. I finally figured out that it was a French crafting board and someone was linking to my Field Tripping the Web posts. Weird how it all works, isn’t it?!

  2. My latest post is so boring that no one, with the possible exception of insomniacs, would want to link to me. Soon I will remedy that, but in the meantime, congratulations, Sus!

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