Food in Long Beach

The weeks before I left for the quilt show I refer to as “Houston in Long Beach” were marked by a flurry of emails between my traveling buddies and myself. For example, there were several worried posts regarding the erratic weather in Long Beach. One day, the forecast called for sunny and 81. The next, clear and 83. How is a girl supposed to pack lightly for weather that unpredictable?

Once we got the clothing issue sorted out, we turned our attention to the food dilemma, as in: what if Long Beach has no food? We handily solved this crisis in the making; each one of us shopped our way through various grocery stores and stocked up. Way up.

Please keep in mind that the following photos show provisions brought by only 2 of our 4 companions. The amount of food doubled on Friday when the rest of our troupe got to the show.

Here is our snack drawer:

Of course, an artist needs morning fuel, so we also have a coffee bar. Uh, yes, I brought an espresso machine:

And then, on an evening, we might need a glass of wine:

The fridge was stocked, too (more wine!):

Luckily, due to our supreme forethought, we survived the week without starving to death. Now, it’s back to laundry and getting the kids ready for the return of SCHOOL!! Hey! Didn’t summer vacation just start a minute ago?



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2 responses to “Food in Long Beach

  1. I’m surprised you survived with so little sustenance. You amaze me.

    And yes, summer vacation just started a few minutes ago. Mine go back a week from today. Makes my head spin.

  2. That looks like the way that I travel! Packing food makes sure there is room on the return trip for purchases.

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